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Nobles’ favorite mahogany furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-11
Mahogany furniture is shining in the royal court of the United Kingdom. From its origin, mahogany is not produced in the United Kingdom, but Central America and Africa are its true hometowns. However, the restless Dutch and British accidentally landed in Indonesia 400 years ago, where the fertile soil and humid tropical rainforest climate attracted them deeply. As a result, the Dutch and the British brought mahogany from Honduras and Africa to Indonesia. Mahogany has the characteristics of moderate density, dry shrinkage, stable size, etc., and is easy to process and make. Mahogany furniture is pure solid wood furniture with elegant style, rich ancient charm, natural texture, durable, and antique. Since the 15th century, especially after the European Renaissance, mahogany furniture has been greatly developed in design and workmanship, mainly European classical style furniture. Mahogany is mainly used in high-end furniture, ships, automobiles, pianos, violins, etc. Among them, European classical style furniture is famous all over the world and enjoys a high position in the furniture market. The hardness of a tree is an important indicator for judging whether a piece of wood is of sufficient quality. Mahogany has a hard texture and fine texture. The wood has excellent stability, is easy to polish, and is not easy to deform. It is more durable and long lasting for furniture. It is precisely these physical advantages that make the post-processing of mahogany easier. European and American craftsmen can't help but praise it as the 'noble among high-end furniture materials'. In their eyes, mahogany is an imported high-grade raw material for furniture and cabinet manufacturing. The mahogany furniture of the British royal family and the mahogany bookcase of Charlotte, Queen of King George III, which we see in the auction house today, benefit from the stability of the mahogany itself. Related reading: Mahogany's cross-border journey. The unusual colors and patterns were very popular when they first entered the British court. In the 18th century, Sir Walter Raleig made a mahogany table for Queen Elizabeth I. From then on, Mahogany's fame is increasing day by day, and it is unprecedentedly sought after in the life of the nobility. To this day, artisans are still willing to use the open paint method to show the mahogany pattern.
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