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Noble Wood American White Oak

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-10
Scientific name: White oak, Quercus alba L. Trade name: White oak, common name: White oak, white oak log White oak is the same family as oak wood, white oak is produced in many regions, the eastern part of the United States, Russia, Germany and the Mediterranean region and so on. Because the United States has a fairly complete forest management system, the white oak reserves increase every year. It is currently the world's most important white oak supply base and produces a large amount of American white oak. Because the wood grain and pith rays of white oak are very beautiful, white oak is more suitable for varnish treatment than red oak. The heartwood of wood oak is extremely resistant to corrosion and disease and insects. Therefore, it is rare to see white oak material decay and insects. Hole. Extended reading: Seven Ways to Identify Oak Furniture White Oak Furniture American White Oak, the living fossil in white oak. The Appalachian deep mountain began 60 million years ago. The tree age can reach more than 1,000 years. It is one of the oldest and tallest tree species in the forest. The towering giant is honored as the 'king of the forest' by the local indigenous peoples. Legend has it that her later guardian was the Statue of Liberty. In the highland forest of the Appalachian Mountains, there stood a towering white oak tree with supernatural power. The rustle of leaves is the metaphor of Liberty to Americans and symbolizes freedom. Illuminating the world, her godly power makes people live for a hundred years, which has always been known as the 'tree of life'. Extended reading: The advantages and disadvantages of oak furniture. American White Oak is also known as 'the king of white oak'. It is a kind of dynamic natural wood. The wood is hard and heavy, light brown, and pith rays are extremely beautiful, rough and delicate. Texture, containing passion, like a symphony, settles in the passage of time. Time witnesses the value, and the protagonist is everywhere. From the oak barrels of top wines to antique European furniture and thrones in the Middle Ages to the floors of Russia's famous Eastern Palace and Summer Palace, it is the most widely used noble wood.
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