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New Chinese style nanmu furniture: high-end, magnificent and top-grade!

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-01
Speaking of high-end, atmospheric, and high-end, the first thing that comes to mind in your mind is the magnificent palace gardens, the enviable BMWs, and the extremely luxurious brand-name bags...Of course, I think. In retrospect, these luxuries seem to be a bit far away from the lives of ordinary people like us who are diligent and thrifty. So, this means that the general public can't be high-end, atmospheric, and high-end? NO! NO! NO! The high-quality, cost-effective Huari Home Nanmu Family Series-New Chinese Nanmu Furniture can satisfy you: high-end, Atmospheric, high-grade quality pursuit. So, what kind of experience would it be to have this kind of tall Nanmu furniture in your home? Come, Huari Nanmu Family will take you to find out! High-grade durable Nanmu, as a precious tree species unique to China and South Asia, has been there since ancient times. The saying that 'water can't be soaked, ants can't nest' is the best material for construction, sculpture, and furniture. At present, the Forbidden City and the fine ancient buildings in Beijing are mostly made of nanmu. It is often mentioned in the literature of the Ming Dynasty that nanmu must be used for the pillars of palaces and important buildings. Huari Home Furnishing Nanmu Family uses Burmese imported Nanmu. Because of its unique characteristics of Nanmu family, the furniture of Nanmu family is not only corrosion-resistant, cold-proof, and not easy to deform, but the unique fragrance in the wood can also repel mosquitoes, giving Nanmu family nanmu furniture extremely strong insect resistance, and more Durable. Elegant and stable, highlighting the royal family's noble phoebe logs are greenish and slightly brownish, with a slight purple in the depth, with fine and fine texture, and the surface will have a charming luster after being polished. The Nanmu family uses a semi-closed paint process to retain the original clear wood grain of the Nanmu. After being finely polished by the craftsmen of Huari, the jade-like luster highlights the elegant charm of the Nanmu family and the low-key luxurious royal aristocratic temperament. . Extended reading: Nanmu Family: First Grade Nanxiang Finely Carved Solid Wood Model The charm of hand-carved unique artworks lies not only in the complexity of its craftsmanship, but also in its uniqueness and the unique meaning that it gives to the furniture. Each piece of Nanmu family’s furniture is a unique artwork. The combination of classic and modern makes Nanmu family’s nanmu furniture conform to the habits of consumers’ modern life, and through hand-carving, it will have beautiful meanings of dragons and phoenixes. Chinese traditional classic patterns such as Ming pattern and auspicious cloud pattern are carved into Nanmu furniture, making Nanmu family series full of profound Chinese cultural heritage. Well, don’t be envious, jealous, and hate! High-end, magnificent, high-grade is not a dream! Come to Huari Home Furnishing Nanmu Family to buy a set! (Net Chen Min)
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