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New Chinese modern solid wood furniture, six reasons why Nanmu Family can conquer you

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-01
In recent years, a new Chinese style modern solid wood furniture has become popular in the home furnishing field. This kind of furniture with both classic charm and modern pyrotechnic flavor is being sought after and loved by more and more people. So, there are so many solid wood furniture on the market. As a new Chinese modern solid wood furniture, what kind of attitude does it stand out among the many kinds of furniture? What kind of charm does it have that makes you want to take it home. What? Reason 1: Everyone has the heart of beauty and beauty. In the age of looking at the face, how can you do without beauty. Come, let's first feel the beauty of Nanmu Family. Don't say much, just look at the picture and talk. High-end atmosphere, low-key and restrained, extravagant but not flashy, pleasing to the eye. The elegant artistic conception reveals your elegant taste and aesthetic taste as the master every minute. Reason 2: Not only to be strict, but also to choose precious Burmese nanmu, the world's top brand DSM (Dutch Royal DSM) high-quality paint, after several times of polishing, the wood grain is clear, the color is shiny, the texture is outstanding, and the texture is full. Full. The simple and smooth shape, the steady but not serious wood color, and the rich oriental color create a home atmosphere. The Nanmu family brings you the warmth of family. Reason 3: Carefully hand-carved, full of human touch and mechanization is highly popular in the era, hand-made is the most luxurious thing in the world. Every piece of Nanmu family's furniture has concentrated the passion of the craftsmen of Huari Home Furnishing. They carved out the historical charm of traditional culture one by one. The elegant engraving makes a sense of intimacy. Chilong pattern, phoenix pattern, auspicious cloud pattern···These classic Chinese traditional elements carved in the Nanmu family series not only give the Nanmu family a clever atmosphere, but also hide Huari Home Furnishing’s prosperous business and career opportunities for consumers. Good wishes for success and family harmony. Extended reading: Nanmu family, really understand your Nanmu furniture! Reason four: humanized design, a furniture design that integrates beauty and comfort as one is not good, you must have thousands of grass and mud horses running through your heart when you use it. And good furniture design is 'moisturizing things silentlyThe humanized design of the Nanmu family's details is the comfortable expression of this 'moisturizing and silent'. Smooth lines and rounded corners. All panels of Nanmu Family have been rounded strictly by R5, the corners have been rounded by R8, and the back corners have been rounded by R3. The design of the headrests such as sofas and seats is ergonomic, and the filling materials such as the cushions and backrests are meticulously made and full of materials. With them, you can 'lie down' comfortably as you like. Reason 5: 45 years of solid wood manufacturing experience, quality is worry-free. People say: 'Behind every successful man is a woman.' Is there any? We don't know. But we know that behind every good piece of furniture there is a great company. Supporting the quality of the Nanmu family is the famous Huari Home Furnishing with 45 years of solid wood manufacturing experience. As one of the few companies in the industry that uses log processing, Huari Home Furnishing has strong production capabilities. It is the only solid wood furniture manufacturer among the top 100 light industry enterprises in 2011; it is a nationally recognized 'enterprise technology centerBrand' and many other international and domestic awards... Behind these honors is the recognition of the quality of Huari Home Furnishing. What can be more reassuring than strength? The quality of Huari Furnishing Nanmu Family is beyond doubt. Reason 6: Cost-effective, ownership is not a dream. When you go shopping, you may have this experience: things are full of joy, but when you see the price listed below, you count the digits: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. ····Hehe, my heart was broken at that time. Don't worry, the Nanmu aristocratic family is not 'arrogant'. Good quality and common prices. With prices ranging from one thousand yuan to ten thousand yuan, it is not a dream for you and the common people to own a piece of furniture from the Nanmu family. It’s not as good as action. It’s time to buy a set of Nanmu Family to treat yourself. (Source: Net Chen Min)
Over the years, has become very popular as more and more people are trying it out.
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