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Nanmu Family, the poems you want and the distance are all here!

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-25
Life is not only about the present, but also the poetry and the distance. ——Gao Xiaosong may be due to the approaching winter, and the speed of night seems to have come a little faster than before. When I got off work, the sky had already darkened unknowingly. By the side of the street, the street lights emit a faint light, reflecting the tired face of every hurried passerby; standing by the bus station, watching the cars passing by, looking through the autumn water in the crowded cars, looking for a certain way In this direction where the bus goes... Sometimes, we are terrified of such a tedious life. The pressure of real life and work often makes people numb and indifferent. We are lost in the neon lights of the city, tired of seeing the bustle and bustle. We want to escape, we want to be empty, we want poetry and the distance. Yes, poetry and distance. Maybe, you might want to tell me that you don't have a lot of time and money to travel and read poetry. In addition to the so-called stubbornness in life, poetry and the distance have not dared to expect too much. But in fact, we want to tell you that there are many ways to own poetry and distant places: you can travel; you can read books; you can even buy a set of Nanmu Shijia furniture from Huari Home Furnishing and put it at home... As a classic series in the solid wood series of Huari Home Furnishing, the new Chinese modern solid wood furniture Nanmu Family is different from the small or heavy solid wood furniture on the market. It selects the finest Burmese nanmu, the product is thick and powerful, the lines are smooth, and it is round and full. At the same time, Huari's designers have integrated classical Chinese elements into the furniture design, and through the combination of classic and modern, Nanmu Family not only has the urban atmosphere of a modern city, but also has the cultural charm of Chinese classics. Living in a noisy city, perhaps we are looking for so-called poems and distant places for the peace and clarity of our hearts, and for the pure land of our hearts. Therefore, we need a place where our wandering hearts can stay and rest. And in the space with Nanmu family furniture, it is a good place for people to stop and rest. Extended reading: Nanmu Family: First Grade Nanxiang Solid wood model solid natural wood color plus top-level paint craftsmanship reflects the stability and nobility of the furniture, and the color full of tranquil Zen makes people feel at peace. When you are physically and mentally exhausted from work and life, you will feel a quiet power in such a space, so that your irritable heart will gradually calm down. Of course, don't think that furniture like Huari Home Nanmu Family may only be enjoyed by high-end people. No! Its high cost performance is enough for the general public like you and me to enjoy such poetry and distance. The author likes Gao Xiaosong very much. Although he looks plain, he is brilliant. Regarding poetry and the distance, he once wrote this passage in 'The Record of Gao Xiaosong's 184 Days of Prison Life: Life and Poetry and the Distance': 'My mother said that life is not only about the present, but also poetry and the distance. Me and me My sister is deeply educated. Whoever wants to think that this little bit of your life is your life, then your life is over. Life is suitable for the distance, as far as you can go; if you don’t go far, you don’t have a penny, then When you read poetry, poetry is where you sit, and it is far away. The older you are, the more you can understand what my mother said. I’m not into the stream, it doesn’t matter. I am happy every day, this is what matters. 'Whether you look at it or not I've read this book, but I believe you must have heard the sentence Gao Xiaosong wrote in this book: 'Life is not only about the present, but also the poetry and the distance.' A few words made many hot-blooded men and women burst into tears. Orbital. Perhaps, life is forced to prevent you from going far away and reading many beautiful poems, but we must at least have a poem and a distant heart. It’s good to be happy if you live forever. In any case, never lose your enthusiasm and hope for life. Because. . . Life has poetry and distance. (Net Chen Min)
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