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Nanmu Family: High-end furniture, light luxury life

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-24
When it comes to high-end luxury brands, many people may think of LV, Hermes, Patek Philippe and so on. When it comes to high-end big names in the furniture industry, I am afraid that many people will think of mahogany furniture that has collection value and high prices, as well as those imported furniture that have traveled across the ocean. Of course, luxury furniture is good, but the price of hundreds of thousands of millions has also discouraged many consumers. In real life, there are only a few people who can consume such high prices. In order to satisfy people's pursuit of high-end quality of life, Huari Home Furnishing launched the Nanmu Family Series. High-end furniture gives you a light and luxurious life. Precious timber, nanmu nanmu imported from Myanmar is a precious timber species that is well-known at home and abroad. It is said that 'water can't be soaked, and ants can't nest'. The ancient golden-lacquered thrones, palaces and important building beams were mostly made of nanmu. Today, nanmu is still the material for many high-end buildings, furniture, and carvings. It is mainly distributed in my country's Hubei, Guizhou, Sichuan and other places. However, due to excessive logging in the past dynasties, the resource of this tree species has been almost exhausted, and it has been listed as a national second-level protected plant in my country. In the furniture industry, Huari Home Furnishing is the first company to apply nanmu to the solid wood field. After years of research and development, Huari Home Furnishing launched the Nanmu Family Series on the market. This series adopts nanmu imported from Burma, and inherits the characteristics of nanmu itself, such as insect-proof, cold-proof and corrosion resistance. The nanmu family series is durable and has withstood the test of wind and frost over a long period of time. In addition, the semi-closed paint process retains the elegant color of Nanmu itself, and the calm tone highlights the low-key and luxurious temperament of the furniture itself. In the space surrounded by Nanmu family, it gives people a quiet and peaceful feeling of Zen color. Exquisite design, classic and fashionable. For the sake of environmental protection, many consumers prefer solid wood furniture when purchasing furniture. But fashion-conscious consumers are afraid that solid wood furniture is too old-fashioned. What should we do? The Nanmu Family launched by Huari Home can easily solve this problem for consumers. It gets rid of the boring feeling of traditional solid wood furniture. It not only retains the essence of Chinese traditional culture in design, but also injects fashionable modern flavor into the furniture. We can look at the overall design of the Nanmu family. First, the overall lines are concise and smooth, strong and powerful; the elegant tones fully show the texture and solid woodiness of Nanmu; secondly, the classic dragon patterns, phoenix patterns and auspicious clouds in traditional culture The pattern is also the finishing touch of the Nanmu family. These lifelike carvings are all hand-carved by the old craftsmen of Huari Home Furnishing. In addition, the unique design of the handle is also particularly eye-catching. The shape of the handles such as Liuyun and Lotus Shadow is not only beautiful in personality, but also provides great convenience for people when pushing and pulling drawers. Extended reading: Nanmu Family, this new Chinese-style modern solid wood furniture is worthy of your collection! 46 years of experience in solid wood craftsmanship is worthy of trust. In addition to material and design, it depends on the level of craftsmanship. The level of craftsmanship is the key to determining the quality of high-end furniture. Because no matter how good the wood is, if the level of craftsmanship is not in place, it is very easy to crack and deform. At this time, the value of the furniture itself will plummet. The production process of solid wood furniture is very complicated, which includes wood drying, solid wood splicing, cutting, carving, frosting, and polishing. Every detail is careless. Once an error occurs in a certain link, a series of quality problems will appear later. Therefore, solid wood furniture places high demands on the craftsmanship of furniture companies. As a veteran brand of solid wood furniture, Huari Home Furnishing has been focusing and cultivating in the field of solid wood furniture for 46 years. It has rich experience in the design and production of solid wood furniture. In addition to the achievements in technological innovation and product development in recent years, it has been recognized by the country. As the 'Enterprise Technology CenterIn addition, among solid wood furniture companies, Huari Home Furnishing has unparalleled technological advantages for many small and medium-sized enterprises. This advantage is manifested in many aspects. For example, the aforementioned Nanmu family's handle designs such as Liuyun and Lotus Shadow are extremely difficult to craft. Through the whole wood milling type and then pressing, and then fine painting. The dual test of structural strength and technological standards is difficult for ordinary enterprises to achieve. Precious wood, exquisite design and perfect craftsmanship create the high-end quality of Nanmu Family. It is worth mentioning that the quality is high-end, but the price is close to the people. Super cost-effective, so that ordinary people can also have a high-end life. (Source: Net)
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