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Miniature furniture made by hand-made masters

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-06
All micro-furnitures are made of the same materials as the real objects, without any substitute materials, and the craftsmanship used is the same as that of the real objects. All objects are made by hand, the wood is the old material, the red sandalwood, the bonsai is the natural plant, and the curing process is adopted. The plaque is made of wooden tires, covered with linen cloth and covered with eight treasures of ash. It is a lacquer ash craft. The porcelain is hand-drawn and painted by hand, imitating the Kangxi blue and white style. The floor tiles are cut and polished from Qing Dynasty blue tiles. The uppermost wood carving is the word 'ShangThe calligraphy and painting in the middle hall were written by myself, and it was a little shabby, with bamboo-carved couplets on both sides. Based on the traditional halls of Huizhou Confucian merchants, it highlights the Confucian merchant culture. The aquarium is carved with bluestone. The famous stone 'Yixianqing' bluestone is high in hardness and brittle. It is used to carve large objects such as stone lions. This bluestone is carved with jade carving, which is very difficult. Both plaques and clocks are active. The clocks, vases, and screen mirrors are placed on the table, which means 'lifelong peace'. The ratio is 1:12. The guys are all manual ones. The ones without electric ones have many handles made of lobular red sandalwood.
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