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Ming-style furniture An important genre of modern furniture design

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-30
According to the eighteenth century British furniture master Thomas Chippendale (1718-1779) described in his 'Furniture GuideStyle furniture and Rococo style (Louis XV style) furniture. Among them, Ming-style furniture in China ranks first. In the middle and late Ming Dynasty, political corruption, the official career of literati were blocked, the impact of new ideas, the concept of life and the interest of life changed, there appeared a trend of thought that emphasized lust and sensual pleasure squarely. This made the literati in the Ming Dynasty pursue material enjoyment and a 'leisure and leisurely' lifestyle more than the previous generations. They actively participate in the management of the lifestyle, pursuing sentiment, elegance, fun, clear charm and refined leisure life. The unique lifestyle and aesthetic taste of the literati influenced and influenced the shape and temperament of the furniture at that time, greatly enriched the aesthetic level of the furniture in the Ming Dynasty, and endowed it with an elegant sentiment and profound culture. Due to the active participation of literati, Ming-style furniture is destined to give furniture a poetic and expressive artistic conception and expressive force. The literati will express and embody their own quaint air through the carrier of furniture. It is said in history that handicrafts are 'made by ordinary workers, but the skills are inferior; when the hands of literary works are expensiveMing-style furniture is famous for its simple and elegant shape, rigorous and scientific structure, and ranks first among the world's three-style furniture. According to Collige, a scholar of Chinese art historian at Oxford University, after the changes in the status of scholars and merchants in the late Ming Dynasty and the commercialization of goods, people can buy what they want as long as they have money, so there is social competition. At that time, the special consumption activities unique to literati and doctors who were once in a higher position were gradually imitated by wealthy businessmen and even civilians. As a result, they faced great pressure from social competition and a sense of anxiety grew spontaneously. In order to be distinguished from the rich and the squires and the common people, they tried their best to design ingenious objects to highlight the unique elegance and distinctiveness of the literati. In the late Ming Dynasty, Wen Zhenheng's 'Longwuzhi' fully expressed this kind of complex of literati and doctors. This book can be said to be a life style manual for literati at that time, and it led a large number of literati and even ordinary people to pursue high quality. life. This is one of the reasons why Ming-style furniture developed to its peak and became popular in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. In the 15th century, Chinese lacquer furniture began to enter the West one after another. In the 18th century, more hardwood furniture also began to enter the West. In the 18th century, the French court's love for 'Chinese style' made 'Mingfeng' popular throughout Europe, combined with French local culture, and finally 'Rococo' style furniture was born, leading the fashion trend in the European furniture industry. . Extended reading: The industry standard of 'Dark and Valuable Hardwood Furniture' was successfully approved until modern times. Chinese style (Ming style) is still an important genre in the modern furniture design movement, called 'Chineseism'. In the 1940s, the Danish Hans J Wegner (Hans J Wegner) was inspired by Ming-style furniture, which promoted the Nordic furniture style to minimalism, and influenced other Nordic designers-borrowing from Ming-style furniture The design concept gradually formed the later Nordic styles such as 'minimalism' and 'post-modernismWhen they first came into contact with Ming-style furniture, many people thought that Ming-style furniture has many similarities with some European-style furniture, and once thought that Ming-style furniture evolved from European-style furniture. This was a big misunderstanding. In fact, it is Western modern furniture that borrowed a lot of Chinese Ming-style furniture elements in its design! When we stopped and looked back at history, we suddenly discovered that Ming-style furniture was the originator of modern fashion furniture, as early as four hundred years ago. It has become a fashion that travels through the Ming and Qing dynasties, and once influenced and developed various Western furniture forms, becoming a model worshipped by the Western furniture industry. This is why Ming-style furniture can be perfectly matched and coordinated with modern European and American home furnishings. Wu Jiaen said: “Although Ming-style furniture is classical, it is still very comfortable to put them in a modern space. They can withstand all kinds of fashion changes before they can become works of art recognized by the world. All scholars who study furniture consider it to be the most subversive. Compared with other types of art, Ming-style furniture is more recognized by international collectors. 'Time flies, and the stars change, whether it is the Ming Dynasty 400 years ago or the current technological development, it has been for hundreds of years. Ming-style furniture still leads the fashion style of every period with its unique artistic charm and elegant literary temperament, and affects all aspects of people's lives. Perhaps, the real meaning of Ming-style furniture is not to provide a set of exquisite furniture, but to provide people with the possibility of a noble lifestyle. The height of the lifestyle often affects the height of the spirit, and determines the height of the taste and the height of fashion. It can be said that the fashion of Ming-style furniture is due to the timelessness of both inside and outside-'literary temperament' and 'eternal beauty'!
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