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'Material trap' frequently appears in the solid wood furniture market

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-23
There has always been a saying among furniture consumers: 'I want to be environmentally friendly and use solid wood.' When people come to the market and plan to buy solid wood furniture, they find that the same is solid wood, but the prices of different materials are very different. Market research found that the highest price difference for solid wood furniture of the same style has reached ten times, and it is difficult for consumers to distinguish the quality of the material. This makes some solid wood furniture brands use materials to make fuss, and it is not uncommon to use shoddy materials and cheap materials to charge prices. 'Material traps' are hard to prevent. How can consumers buy genuine solid wood furniture has become a difficult question. The solid wood furniture market has a wide variety of materials, and some companies have the opportunity to make a fuss, and frequently set up 'material traps' to allow consumers to drill. On the one hand, some companies use material speculation to sell high prices; on the other hand, some companies simply use shoddy as good and fake as real. In recent years, it is not uncommon to see cases of using elm to pretend to be black walnut and oak pretending to be ash. There are too many chaos in the solid wood furniture market now. Although businesses have verbally promised the authenticity of the solid wood materials, in most cases they cannot be implemented in the sales contract, which will cause a lot of trouble for consumers in their rights protection in the future. In addition, the solid wood furniture industry often uses a 'solid wood mix and match' approach, that is, the main material of a solid wood furniture is matched with auxiliary materials. If some consumers do not ask carefully, it may lead to spending all materials to buy solid wood furniture of mixed materials. . Faced with the phenomenon that disorderly labeling materials may cause confusion to consumers, companies should refuse to fill in the contract manually and provide consumers with accessories that introduce the detailed configuration of the furniture. “There are many types of wood, and consumers don’t understand it. It’s normal. The key is that businesses should strictly perform their duties and provide consumers with the most comprehensive and true product descriptions.” Experts believe that consumers’ blind pursuit of materials has also contributed to businesses. Opportunity to make great material articles. In order to show off, some consumers would rather spend high prices to pursue foreign materials, but they do not know that domestic elm, ash and other woods are also very good, and even more suitable for domestic consumers. Consumers should choose from the craftsmanship. Instead of relying solely on wood species. Experts said that the current domestic solid wood furniture market is very deep, and the industry appears to be very complicated. Moreover, the origin and classification of some woods cannot be scientifically identified, which also provides conditions for merchants to counterfeit. 'In response to these possible chaos, the industry should introduce mandatory implementation standards such as the new national standard for mahogany furniture, and use a transparent mechanism to prevent and manage chaos in the solid wood furniture market.'
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