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Making furniture is custom furniture? In fact, this is the truth

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-05
There are two main ways for people to choose furniture: custom-made furniture and buying furniture. Purchasing furniture is a common way to choose furniture. In recent years, with the emergence of the concept of 'whole house customizationIn fact, there are two ways to customize furniture, one is for woodworking on-site, and the other is for specialized custom furniture factories. In other words, both custom-made furniture and woodworking furniture are both custom-made furniture in essence. Then, they are also custom-made furniture. What is the difference between custom-made and made-made? Today, we will show you the customization What's the difference with the fight system? 1. Material analysis. Making furniture: The panels made at the woodworking site generally use ecological boards, finger joint boards, and veneers generally use a large amount of glue for bonding. The flatness and whether the glue is environmentally friendly can easily be ignored. Unlike custom factory mechanized production and processing, the production of woodworking furniture is basically done manually, and the quality of finished home products basically depends on the skill of the woodworking master. Customized furniture: Except for a few high-end solid wood furniture, most custom furniture manufacturers generally use solid wood particle board, high-density fiberboard, double-sided melamine veneer, non-standardized production, automatic electronic cutting machine, and more Program edge banding machine, multi-row CNC drilling large-scale cold pressing equipment, etc., as well as supporting professional equipment. Therefore, the product has high precision, guarantees the tightness and fineness of the edge sealing of the furniture, the edge sealing has good binding force and beautiful appearance, and the installation accuracy is high. Second, the price situation to make furniture: For woodworking furniture, the costs include: board costs, carpentry costs, hardware accessories costs (painting costs, paint labor costs) and so on. In general, the materials used for woodworking furniture are cheap, and the public expense is high, so woodworking furniture is considered low-material and high public expense. Customized furniture: factory-customized furniture is the mechanized production of large-scale equipment. Reasonable design and management have greatly improved the utilization rate of plates and greatly improved the labor productivity of workers, thereby reducing costs. The pricing method is generally calculated according to the expanded area. Clear pricing standards. But custom furniture is mainly designed according to user needs. Some brands that pursue quality, whether it is raw material selection or hardware accessories, choose international brands for cooperation, which will ensure quality, ensure environmental protection and health, and of course the price will not be very cheap. 3. Environmental protection issues. Making furniture: Although the raw material of woodworking furniture is solid wood, the early stage is to go to your home for on-site work, cutting, polishing and other processes at home. The noise pollution and environmental pollution are large, and it will also affect the nearby Neighbor. Moreover, a large amount of urea-formaldehyde glue is used inside the wood board, and the formaldehyde content is high. The product structure is glue and nails, and a large amount of glue is needed during processing, and the edge banding treatment is not meticulous enough. Most of the glue used has excessive formaldehyde. Hazardous substances such as formaldehyde are easily distributed into the house, and the smell of formaldehyde will still exist for half a year or even a year. Customized furniture: The custom-made furniture of the brand manufacturer has the parts produced in the factory and can be installed directly without causing too much noise. The raw materials selected are basically environmentally friendly and healthy EO-grade board materials. At the same time, the board will be treated with strict four-sided edge sealing. The edge banding glue also uses plant-based starch glue to control and ensure the total release of formaldehyde. Related reading: Use the comparative method to buy custom furniture. Fourth, the overall effect of making furniture: woodworking furniture is on-site work and can be directly communicated with the owner. It will have obvious advantages in dealing with irregular locations in the home, and in functional and practical planning. And the use of space is also in place. And woodworkers generally provide one-to-one services. Relatively speaking, the cycle is short and the action is fast, and it can basically be completed in about a week. The customized processing cycle is longer, and the general processing time is 25-35 days. Customized furniture: In terms of overall effect, custom-made furniture is very beautiful and pleasing to the eye due to the use of formed plates, clear lines, and smooth color, and does not require post-painting. The scientific mechanical design also guarantees the stability and durability of the cabinet. Panel-style overall custom-made furniture will be more and more popular among young people and environmentally-conscious people because of its simplicity and elegance, environmental protection and convenience, low price and good quality. V. After-sales service to make furniture: After-sales issues are also a topic of concern to consumers. Most woodworking furniture is installed by the decoration team and no one is seen. Once it fails, it is difficult to find a repairer. There is basically no after-sales. Although the decoration company generally conducts after-sales Service, but mostly not timely. Customized furniture: Customized furniture has a dedicated after-sales service team. Generally speaking, it is relatively guaranteed during the warranty period, so you don't need to worry too much about damage. But time also requires cycles, generally within 48 hours.
Anyone who has seen the latest custom made furniture wood furniture manufacturers in operation cannot help but be impressed with how far the technology has progressed over the past few years.
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