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Mahogany knowledge: correct understanding of black rosewood

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-28
Among the three types of rosewood, black rosewood is the best. Its color is basically purple-red, purple-brown or purple-black. The wood density is relatively large, the wood is relatively hard, and the polishing effect is very good, and it is not easy to crack after being made into a finished product. Therefore, black rosewood is often used to make crafts and furniture. Like red sandalwood, black rosewood is a precious wood. Black rosewood is a kind of rosewood. Among the Dalbergia plants, except for Dalbergia odorifera in Hainan Island, which is called 'Xiangzhi' (commonly known as Huanghuali), the rest are all rosewood. There are many kinds of rosewood, which can be roughly divided into three types, namely black rosewood, red rosewood and white rosewood. Their common feature is that they give off a sour and vinegar-like taste during the processing process, so they are called acid branches. Correct understanding of black rosewood Black rosewood is also called big leaf red sandalwood. In fact, it was originally called big leaf red sandalwood. Later, the national standard was released. In the national standard, big leaf red sandalwood is called black rosewood, so the current standard is called black rosewood. The black rosewood is also called 'red sandalwoodIt is understood that in recent years, some people in China have imported a large amount of high-quality wood from Madagascar and have been selling it. At first, it was considered to be red sandalwood. However, after many researches, it is not red sandalwood, but a kind of black wood in black rosewood. 'Lushi Black Dalbergia'. The National Forestry Research Institute of Madagascar also specially sent an official letter to my country's forestry department, stating that Madagascar does not produce red sandalwood at all. The high-quality wood exported from the country, including the wood exported to China, is 'Lushi black rosewood'. In fact, among the Dalbergia woods, especially the black rosewood species, the color is mostly purple-black or purple-red, and its hardness is not inferior to the real red sandalwood, and even comparable to red sandalwood. With Hainan Huanghuali With the extinction of the original material of red sandalwood, the furniture made of black rosewood is also the finest material of traditional furniture. Big-leaf red sandalwood is not a red sandalwood Experts remind consumers to pay attention, now the market often mentions big-leaf red sandalwood and small-leaf red sandalwood, and big-leaf red sandalwood is not red sandalwood at all. In terms of production area, Pterocarpus large-leaf is produced in Africa, and Pterocarpus small-leaf is produced in India, and they belong to different species. Compared with the real small-leaf red sandalwood, the large-leaf red sandalwood has a thicker texture. The banded stripes on the string section are obvious and wide. The cow hair pattern formed by the tube holes is long, straight, thick, and more. It appears that the wood is rougher than the red sandalwood. The price of rosewood is only a quarter of that of rosewood. Black rosewood includes 8 species of wood, distributed in tropical and subtropical regions, including Dalbergia black, Dalbergia broadleaf, Dalbergia Lushi, Dalbergia Dalbergia, East African Dalbergia, Dalbergia Marcy, Dalbergia Amazona and Dalbergia Belize , The heartwood is mainly black chestnut brown, often accompanied by black stripes; the wood is shiny, the new cut surface has acid aroma or weak, some oily; the grain is staggered or straight, the wood is heavy and hard, the wood is corrosion-resistant, and is resistant to termites and silverfish Its material color and pattern are beautiful and pleasing to the eye. It is used for mahogany furniture and is also suitable for making decorative crafts, joinery, high-grade joinery, musical instruments, etc.
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