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Mahogany furniture wood big set

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-03
Mahogany furniture is the general term for rare hardwood high-quality furniture since the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Mahogany furniture is beautiful in shape and is loved by many people. In recent years, the mahogany furniture market has continued to develop. There are many different types of wood, let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of different woods. 1. Pterocarpus Pterocarpus was first discovered in tropical forests and islands in India. Chinese people love red sandalwood. Since the Shang and Zhou dynasties, it has been a good furniture material for car shafts and courts, and it is the world's top furniture material. Red sandalwood, also known as 'QinglongmuPterocarpus is a group of particularly hard and heavy tree species in the genus Pterocarpus in the leguminous family. It is the most advanced material among mahogany. It is a hardwood with a deep purple and black color. It is most suitable for making furniture and carving artwork. The utensils made of red sandalwood have a satin-like luster after waxing and polishing without lacquer oil. Pterocarpus is a tree species of Pterocarpus sylvestris. It is mainly produced in India. Generally, it has a very weak aroma. The new section is orange-yellow, and it turns into deep purple or black purple for a long time. Raw materials generally enter the mainland of China through Myanmar, Nepal, Hong Kong and other places. The advantages of red sandalwood furniture: 1. The color is darker, and it reflects the antique style, which is used for traditional furniture. 2. The wood is heavier and the quality is good. 3. Generally, wood has its own fragrance, especially sandalwood. 4. The material is harder, with high strength, abrasion resistance and good durability. Disadvantages of red sandalwood furniture: 1. Because the output is small, it is difficult to have high-quality tree species, and the quality is uneven. 2. The lines and annual rings are not clear, and the visual effect is not fresh enough. 3. The material is heavy and not easy to handle. 4. The material is hard, the processing is difficult, and it is prone to cracking. 5. The material is greasy and easy to return to oil at high temperature. 2. The rosewood type is a 'flower palm'. Its wood grain has a ghost-like face. It is also like a raccoon spot, also known as a 'flower raccoon'. The old man has a fist and tune, and the tender one has a straight line. The wooden knot pattern is round and halo like money, the color is bright, the texture is clear and beautiful, and it can be used for furniture and office utensils. Rosewood is also divided into old and new pears. Laohuali, also known as Huanghuali, has a color ranging from light yellow to purple, clear and beautiful inkstone, with a fragrance. The wood color of the new pear is red and yellow, and the texture color is slightly worse than that of the old pear. Huanghuali is very easy to survive, but it is extremely difficult to become a wood. A tree with a thick bowl can only be the size of a rolling pin, and it takes hundreds of thousands of years to grow to become a fruit. Its wood is hard, and it is a superior material for making classic hardwood furniture. According to records, as early as the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, Hainan huanghuali wood species was on the verge of extinction. In the following hundreds of years, 70% of my country’s huanghuali wood furniture was exported abroad, and the only small amount of huanghuali wood remaining in China was used for The houses were built, made into pot covers, abacus beads and even hoes, scattered among the people, facing damage. At present, the common huanghua pear varieties on the market are produced in Vietnam and Myanmar. The color is brighter and the taste is stronger, but the texture and layering are messy. Compared with Hainan Huanghua pear, the price is ten times lower. Advantages of rosewood furniture: rosewood is not easy to dry, sapwood and heartwood have large chord shrinkage differences, corrosion resistance and friction resistance, rosewood has strong nail holding power, good mechanical strength, and is easy to engrave and process, smooth surface, glued and painted Good performance. Disadvantages of rosewood furniture: easy to suffer from insects, if it is old rosewood furniture, some places may have insect eyes. 3. Black rosewood Black rosewood is the best kind of rosewood. Its color is basically purple-red, purple-brown or purple-black. The wood density is relatively large, the wood is relatively hard, and the polishing effect is very good, and it is not easy to crack after being made into a finished product. Therefore, black rosewood is often used to make crafts and furniture. Like red sandalwood, black rosewood is a precious wood. There are eight species of knife-shaped Dalbergia, Black Dalbergia, Broadleaf Dalbergia, Lushi Dalbergia, East African Dalbergia, Brazilian Dalbergia, Amazonian Dalbergia and Belize Dalbergia. 1. Knife-shaped Dalbergia, the country of origin, Burma, India, the new section is purple-black or purple-red-brown, often with dark brown or chestnut-brown deep stripes, the new section has a sour aroma, the trunk is straight, usually 15 to 25 cm in diameter, and large wood is rare. The core of the tree is easy to fester, hollow, and the yield rate is low. At first glance, it looks a lot like Burmese chicken wing wood. The market price is about 20,000 yuan per ton, and the market demand is not large. 2. Lu's black Dalbergia is the country of origin in Madagascar. The new cut surface is orange-red, dark purple for a long time, and weak acid aroma.
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