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Mahogany furniture: There are also levels of pattern auspiciousness?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-30
Auspiciousness is mainly presented in the form of patterns and texts, which not only adds points to the aesthetics of mahogany furniture, but also enhances the cultural depth of mahogany furniture, with endless aftertastes, and leads people to the pursuit of a better and high-quality life. When you see the exquisite carved patterns on mahogany furniture, it is vivid and lifelike. Do you understand the meaning of it? Which level of 'Auspicious' does it belong to? Mr. Hu Desheng, a researcher of the Palace Museum, a member of the National Cultural Relics Appraisal Committee, and an expert on antique furniture, is dedicated to the study of antique furniture and its 'auspicious' culture. He said that due to the changes and development of the times, 'Xiangrui' actually had a hierarchy long ago. According to textual research, the classification of levels started from the time of the female emperor Wu Zetian of the Tang Dynasty. There are 5 levels in total, and each has its own meaning. One is 'Jiarui' such as the legendary unicorn, phoenix and other fairy birds. The most well-known Chinese is that the Empress Dowager Cixi turned the 'dragon and phoenix' symbolizing power upside down. For thousands of years, the 'phoenix' flew below the 'dragon'. The sad thing is that the change in form will ultimately hardly change the destiny of the Qing dynasty. . The second is 'DariSeveral of them are manifested in the masses of literati and inkmen, to show their broad-mindedness and great ambitions in the world. The third is 'Shan Rui' refers to all kinds of animals in nature, especially white-haired animals. Such as the white bear and the white deer, the ancients gave them auspicious symbols. It expresses people's sustenance for the establishment of a harmonious and stable society and the pursuit of a quiet and peaceful life. Extended reading: The meaning of the mahogany carved patterns-auspicious motif category four is 'Zhongrui' refers to various colorful birds that can fly freely in the sky. Such as colorful birds, peacocks, pheasants, white geese and other birds. What is worth mentioning is the 'silk ling and sandalwood carving' technique, in which the bird is vivid, especially the silky buttons portrayed by the feathers, which are applied to mahogany furniture with agility and artistic multiplication, and the price is naturally far ahead. The five 'Xia Rui' refers to all kinds of flowers and trees, such as plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum and other exotic flowers, pine trees, and Chinese herbal medicine. For example, the peony, which Chinese people like, expresses wealth and peace, while plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum express purity and beauty. They are used in bedroom and study furniture. The soft and quiet will come oncoming, which can let people abandon impetuosity. Therefore, traditional furniture fully embodies the symbol of 'AuspiciousnessThere is no doubt that it is the best expression carrier of Chinese traditional culture today.
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