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Mahogany furniture should be marked with the name of the tree species

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-03
National standards stipulate that mahogany furniture should be named and labeled with the name of the tree species that mainly uses wood. According to the recent implementation of the 'General Technical Conditions for Mahogany FurnitureHowever, the reporter visited and found that some storefronts were not implemented properly, and the products did not come with 'one card, one book, one certificate.' When introducing products, most shopping guides still use common names, and even describe some non-mahogany woods as mahogany. Experts said that all the common names of timber are renamed to scientific names, which requires time and market awareness. In order to protect their rights and interests, consumers should first understand the names of related timber species. From February 1, 2013, Hongmu 'new national standard' 'Mahogany Furniture General Technical Requirements' was formally implemented. According to regulations, mahogany furniture that is not equipped with mahogany furniture product guarantee documents-instruction manuals, product quality indication cards, and product qualification certificates, Will be stopped selling. At the same time, it is stipulated that mahogany furniture should be named and labeled with the name of the tree species whose products mainly use wood to standardize the name of mahogany. However, after the 'new national standard' was officially implemented for three months, reporters still found irregular timber names when they visited. In a mahogany showroom in a certain store, the reporter asked about a set of mahogany furniture materials, and the sales staff responded with 'rosewood'. When the reporter asked what rosewood it was, the salesperson simply replied: 'It's a kind of redwood.' The reporter found that 'one card, one book, one certificate' was not seen in many redwood stores. The even clearly stated no. Some merchants said that the name of the furniture material is clearly marked on the contract, and it will certainly not deceive consumers. The reporter saw that the merchant’s sales contract was just an order/sales order, with only the product name, model, specification and other information, and no timber name column. In this regard, Yin Yafang, secretary general of the Redwood Branch of the China Forest Products Industry Association, said: “Although some common names are more accepted than scientific names, in the actual transaction process, they fall on written words. Consumers are still advised to use scientific names, because according to national standards and According to relevant laws, only the scientific name of wood is recognized, so that the legal rights of both parties can be guaranteed.' Voice of the industry: The common name of some woods should be standardized according to the standard. Some common names of wood take a long time and are recognized by everyone. What kind of wood is it. However, some common names are completely unknown and have become a non-mainstream name. I don't know which wood they are referring to. In order to deliberately confuse consumers' judgments, some businesses use the words 'huali' and 'acid branch'. Therefore, it is hoped that merchants can abide by relevant standards and uniformly standardize the name, and consumers will also learn relevant knowledge to protect their consumer rights.
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