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Mahogany furniture material: Siamese rosewood

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-02
Dalbergia cochinensis, commonly known as 'Big red rosewoodRed rosewood, Cambodian sandalwood. 1. Trade names Siam Rosewood, Thai Rosewood, Cochin Rosewood, Laos Rosewood. , Flamewood, Kra-nhoung (Cambodia), Payung (Thailand), Trac (Vietnam), Pa dong khao, Mai Ka Nhoung (Laos). 2. Distribution or main production areas are in Southeast Asia, including all parts of Cambodia, central and southern Laos, northeastern, eastern and central Thailand, and southern Quang Binh Province in Vietnam. 3. Botany characteristics Large deciduous trees (evergreen trees in some areas of Vietnam and Thailand) are generally 8-30m in height, and the diameter of the trunk can reach 60-120cm, sometimes with several trunks and branches. The bark is smooth and hard, light yellow to gray-brown, scaly, with longitudinal cracks, sometimes peeling off into fragments. The leaf morphology is unequal pinnate compound leaves, with alternate or semi-opposite phyllodes. The flowers are white, terminal, semi-terminal or axillary, compound racemes (panicles), butterfly-shaped corolla, and standard right-angled petals. The calyx has five recessed apex, table-grown. The fruit is a flat linear closed fruit, belonging to the pod type. In Vietnam, the flowering period is from May to July each year, and the fruit ripening period is from September to October. The color of the pods changes from green to yellow and eventually dark brown. The pods do not burst when they are mature. Seeds are easy to store in a dry environment for a long time. Artificial planting can pre-treat the seeds before sowing, but artificial planting cannot achieve the purpose of commercial wood. 4. Growing environment Dalbergia cochinensis mainly grows in semi-deciduous monsoon rain or riverside evergreen forests from 100 meters to 400-500 meters above sea level. This tree species can also be seen at 1000 meters above sea level in the mountains of Laos. This may be It's adapted to the highest altitude of the growing environment. The annual rainfall in the habitat is 1200-1700mm, and individual windward slopes can reach 3000mm. Adapt to the annual average temperature of 20-30℃, and the extreme minimum temperature of 10℃. Low soil requirements, mainly grown in deep sandy soil, clay layer and calcareous soil, drought-tolerant (the production area has a dry season of 3-6 months each year), but the growth rate is quite slow, and the young trees are shade-tolerant. Gradually become happy with growth. After being felled, it can regenerate into dwarf shrubs. 5. Wood characteristics diffuse porous wood. The growth ring is not obvious or slightly obvious. The new section of heartwood is purple-red-brown or dark-red-brown, often with dark-brown or chestnut-brown deep streaks. The tube holes are slightly visible under the naked eye, containing black gum; the chord diameter is 244μm in maximum, with an average of 104μm; the number is very small, 2 to 13 pcs/mm2. The axial parenchyma is quite obvious, mainly in the shape of concentric layers of thin lines (1 to 4 cells wide, slightly meshed or ladder-shaped at the intersection of the rays), and thinly wing-shaped. The wood fiber wall is very thick. Wood rays can be seen under a magnifying glass; so are the wave marks; the ray organization has the same shape in single row (more or more) and multiple rows (2 rows in pairs or 2 to 3 rows). It has a sour aroma or weak; the structure is fine; the texture is usually straight; the air-dry density is 1.01~1.09 g/cm3. 6. Material properties and usage Dalbergia cochinensis has gloss, high strength, high hardness, strong corrosion resistance, strong insect resistance, usually straight texture, fine and uniform structure. When sawing, the wood exudes a pungent scent, smelling sour and pungent. The color is generally crimson red or deep red, which can be dark red when oxidized in the air. The compressive strength along the grain is 107.87Mpa, and the bending strength along the grain is 259.9Mpa. Good processing performance, smooth surface. Mainly used for high-end furniture, tables, chairs, stools, decorative veneers, craft carvings, musical instruments, etc. The Cochin Dalbergia furniture (red rosewood furniture) and Cochin Dalbergia bracelets made of Cochin Dalbergia are exquisite and have high investment and collection value.
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