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Mahogany furniture is not necessarily red

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-03
Mahogany furniture is popular among consumers because of its solid and dense material and exquisite style, and its price has also risen in recent years. However, some consumers are not clear about which furniture belongs to mahogany furniture. The reporter learned from professionals that there are many types of so-called 'mahoganyIn fact, there are no mahogany species in nature. The appellation of mahogany furniture began in the Tang Dynasty, because the Tang Dynasty used vermilion as its precious material, and the material was the top grade, so it was called mahogany furniture. And what is called mahogany furniture in modern times, not only refers to the materials but also includes the craftsmanship and traditional culture. Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, redwoods have been called rosewood, rosewood, sweetwood, black rosewood, red rosewood, ebony, and wenge, which are produced in Southeast Asia. The colors are not all. It is red, such as Hainan Huanghuali is yellow, and ebony is black. After 2000, mahogany national standards defined 5 categories, 8 categories and 33 species of wood as mahogany. In addition to the above seven types of wood, there are also striped ebony, mainly Sulawesi ebony and Philippine ebony. However, there are still big differences in the industry’s understanding of mahogany. Some believe that rosewood is only called mahogany; some believe that sandalwood and red sandalwood and huanghuali should not be called mahogany, but should be on top of mahogany; There are many woods that should be classified as mahogany; some believe that only seven types of wood produced in Southeast Asia can become mahogany.
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