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Mahogany furniture craftsmanship-'Zanjie'

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-04
'Zanjie' is a term used by northern craftsmen, and southern craftsmen call it 'buyingMost of them are made of small pieces of wood, which are combined by tenon and tenon and spliced u200bu200bto form various geometric patterns. They are placed in the decorative parts needed by mahogany furniture, such as the bed fence, the back of the couch and the side rails on the left and right, the bright grid of the cabinet, the teeth of the table, the flower board of the foot, etc., becoming a perfect decorative component . This kind of craft not only makes reasonable use of small materials, but also fully embodies the technical beauty of wood craftsmanship. It is the perfect embodiment of the combination of science and artistry on Huanghuali furniture. In the geometric decorations formed by the joining process, some of them use simple figures to repeatedly form decorative patterns, and some of them use separate patterns to form two continuous and four continuous forms. The common ones are 4D pattern, cross pattern, field pattern, curved ruler, back pattern, upper and lower convex connection type, direct connection type, oblique connection type and so on. The styles produced by the traditional lattice format window scenes are concise and lively, with dense and elegant style, elegant and eye-catching. The use of fine wood craftsmanship of 'swiping and joining' has formed a distinctive decorative language.
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