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Ma Weidu gossiping about furniture restoration: a higher standard in the face of incompleteness

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-01
Huanghuali is the top spot in the Minnapolis Museum collection in the United States In 1996, Christie's in New York, the United States auctioned this huanghuali top spot for more than half a million U.S. dollars. The buyer donated it to the Minnapolis Museum of America in his hometown. The hall has set up a special exhibition area for this top spot for everyone to visit. One day a big fat man came and collapsed the chair. After that, the Minnapolis Museum hired experts to restore the top seat and no one was allowed to sit. When I first liked antique furniture, there were still a few master craftsmen in Beijing who were able to restore antique furniture. Although everyone has different personalities and different craftsmanship, they all have a peaceful light in their eyes, and they are very patient with the old furniture that has been scattered and injured. In those years, I used to carry away some pieces of furniture that were lacking in bundles. After a month or so, a complete and beautiful piece of antique furniture stood in front of me with a new look. People who have not experienced this magical process can not enjoy this joy. The waves of history are more turbulent than our personal experience, but the farther you are from it, the smoother it appears. The destructive power of our nation is equal to the power of construction, and we like not to break or stand; the destruction that I saw with my own eyes when I was a teenager is still unforgettable when I think about it today. When my master and I can restore the antique furniture with ideals and patience, and it can walk with us again, that kind of enjoyment is no longer pure enjoyment. Master Zu Lianpeng from Nancheng, Beijing has superb craftsmanship. Many of the old collections of Mr. Wang Shixiang were restored by Master Zu. When I met Master Patriarch, the old man was in his seventies, his hands and feet were slow but he was still powerful and precise, and he was meticulous in restoring furniture. Antique furniture often has injuries and defects. It is easy to make up a small piece, but it is difficult to find the wood grain. According to the standards of the ancestor's generation, if the wood grain does not match the wound, you can't do it; therefore, he often delays for a few days for the selection of materials. At that time, the repair fees were all based on the piece rate system. It is customary that many ancient Chinese furniture repaired by the patriarchs have spread all over the world today. Few people know that there is a repair business in traditional Chinese craftsmanship. In the past, the furniture repairers did not Those who make new furniture, just like the shoe repairer, only repair it but don't do it. Repairing is more demanding than manufacturing, that is, to have the ability to respond, and to face the incompleteness, but also to have a higher level of moral standards.
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