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Luxury aesthetics of Italian home furnishings

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-07
1111MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8 pounds Normal0 In addition to the sweet words of Italian men, such gorgeous and elegant high-quality Italian furniture design is also attractive. In other words, Italian design is the epitome of luxury. Historically, Renaissance design and architecture can be traced back to Florence, Italy in the early 15th century. This design is mainly composed of architectural stone pillars and elegant baroque style design. Fast forward to today's Italian-style home, and you will still see amazing craftsmanship and amazing style, but it seems that two prominent design schools have emerged-old-world gorgeous Italy and modern Italy. Italian style: Layered luxury Italian style homes are not only luxurious, but from floor to ceiling, they are all luxurious-you will not miss a corner. Every detail is the supremacy of top quality and exquisite craftsmanship. Old-world Italian homes have Murano crystal chandeliers with inlaid ceilings. Their walls are decorated with gorgeous decorations and unique painted murals, and the floors are covered with bright wood or marble, and they are covered with plush carpets for added comfort. Then there are simple modern Italian houses, which may be more simple, but through the shiny lacquered kitchen, glass crystal lamps are still hung and streamlined furniture that continues the high-quality tradition to maintain the luxurious design. In order to imitate these two Italian styles, you must focus on quality. You might even want to hire a designer to help you complete this decorating task, because the last thing you want is a 'cheesy' decorating style-it's nothing more than a refined Italian style. Further reading: The Italian luxury furniture brand Chateux d’Ax launches the Italian style of pillows inlaid with gold and diamonds: The supreme and elegant Italian style decoration is but low-key, but if done well, it is still very elegant. The old-world Italian style sometimes seems to surpass those who prefer a more simple way of decoration, but the supreme elegance of the Italian style cannot be ignored. How can one deny the exquisite quality of the stately pillars bordering these rooms and the buildings in the arched windows and tray ceilings? How can you refuse such an exquisite lifestyle? This solemn elegance travels to every room in an Italian-style home, including the bedroom. Look at this elegant boudoir in the picture; it is saturated with Italian elegance. If you want a colorful and luxurious look, this is a good example.
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