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Little-known ancient chair: Shanxi temple chair

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-11-29
There are many types of ancient chairs that exist today. There are many introductions in the traditional furniture bibliography. However, there is one type of chair that is rarely mentioned. Its existence is even less than the top chair. Many people may not realize its existence or rarity. , This kind of chair is from the temple chair in Shanxi and Shaanxi. Temple chairs are also known as row chairs. They are mostly found in the junction of central and southern Shanxi and northwestern Shanxi and Shaanxi. They have distinctive geographical features. They are also found in Henan, but their workmanship and age are far behind the former. Row chairs are generally distributed in temples. According to legend, they are used for the rest of the believers who worship Buddha and incense. There are pairs of furnishings and singles, but the placement of them has yet to be verified. The shape of the row chairs is ancient, with the rhyme of the Song and Yuan Dynasties. It flourished in the Ming and declined in the Qing Dynasty. After entering the Qing Dynasty, the production was relatively rough, the embossing patterns were coarse and shallow, and the knife method gradually became stylized, losing the smooth and natural feeling of the early days. It was made after entering the Qing Dynasty, and the age is relatively late. Most of the rows of chairs are made of elm, and a few are made of pine or other cork. This type of chair is characterized by a very long body and a strong sense of volume. The elderly can be close to four meters, and the short is nearly three meters. Therefore, it is not suitable to be moved. There are often multiple legs at the front to support the chair pan, and the lower legs and feet More carvings, the upper part uses raglan tenons, the legs at both ends are often thicker, and the carvings are more delicate than the small feet in the middle. Some are eversion ruyi cloud-headed feet, and some are three-bend legs turned sideways and leaf-rolled feet. The production style is not limited. One pattern, but the style is rough and ancient; the middle legs are often small for auxiliary support, and there are also different carvings. The common ones are sword legs and feet. The legs are embedded with dental plates to support the chair pan or waist and form a number of ditch-shaped openings. There are tube feet near the ground. The front feet are all contained in the ridge to restrain and strengthen the structure. Only the small feet in the middle Sometimes it doesn't go through the corridor but goes to the ground. The front end of the temple chair has a structure similar to the opening of the door with sword legs. We seem to find some shadows in the low couch of the Song Dynasty. As shown in the picture, there is a couch with a similar structure in the Song Dynasty 'Huaiyin Xiaoxia Picture'. The number of hind legs is generally smaller than that of the front legs, and there are often only two left and right sides or one in the middle without carving decoration. Row chairs with waistbands are often decorated with multiple belt rings at the waistband, as shown in Figures 4 and 8 of the rows of chairs are more obvious. Related reading: The world's most classic six chair pans usually have two forms, one is made of sheet metal, or core board or single board, as shown in the figure, the other is laid side by side with several long strips , With gaps between them, contained in several drag grooves parallel to the wiper head. The back of the chair usually has a brain that traverses the entire length of the temple chair, and one or two horizontal bars are placed below the brain. There are often multiple high-relief lotus-shaped clip flowers or lotus leaves between the brain and the ruins, or between the ruins and the ruins. The shape clip flowers are arranged equidistantly as decoration and connected in a row, and at the same time they also play a role in connection and reinforcement. The clip flower will not exceed two rows. There are usually one or two layers of pancakes under the clip flowers. The number of pancakes is exactly one less than the number of clip flowers on each layer. They are separated by short materials, and they are often made as fish door openings or hollowed out. The reliefs and reliefs are mostly plant patterns such as petals, curly grass, lotus leaves, etc., with a strong heritage of the Yuan Dynasty and infiltrating the colors of Buddhism. The ornamentation of the temple chairs shows the characteristics of the Liao and Jin eras. It is said that it came from a remnant temple in the Yuan Dynasty in Jiangxian County, Shanxi. If the source is reliable, it is really a rare piece of Yuan Dynasty furniture that can be handed down. In terms of its shape, decoration, and preservation conditions, it seems that it can reach at least the mid-Ming Dynasty. There is often a layer of arc-shaped plain board under the ring board which is connected to the chair pan. The arc-shaped board is also separated by several arc-shaped short materials, and some are more beautiful and made into the form of bright feet. Both ends of the chair back are usually equipped with bottle teeth. This form of chair back seems to be very closely related to architecture. We can often find similar structures in the architectural fences of the Song and Yuan Dynasties. The above are the basic styles of temple chairs. There are also a few eclectic ones, but the basic structure remains the same. The overall workmanship and style still highlight the ancient charm of the Song and Yuan system. It is extraordinary and breaks the rules of the world. This is this type of furniture. It's not like the distinctive features of other furniture.
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