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Lin Zuoxin: How to use digital technology to process tenon and tenon joints?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-29
Do Chinese traditional furniture have to use tenon and tenon joints? Let's first discuss why they use tenon and tenon joints. This has to start with the materials. Traditional furniture was originally made from local materials, using elm, beech, pine and other woods. It turned out that the beech forest on the edge of Taihu Lake was almost cut down, and there was almost no timber in the east of China, so people turned their attention to the tropical hardwood logs on the edge of the Yangtze River. These hardwoods originally came from Southeast Asia. China's handicraft industry was very developed in the Ming Dynasty. Chinese products were exported to various places in large quantities. Southeast Asia was of course an important market. At that time, the shipping was sailing. There was not much cargo except spices on the return journey. The logs were ballasted and the logs were thrown away. On the edge of the Yangtze River. The density of these hardwoods is much higher than the original elm and beech. The original animal glue is not available for bonding (chemical adhesives have not appeared), so the skilled craftsmen in Suzhou developed a tenon joint to solve the problem of combining furniture parts. This is an agricultural society. There are too many idle populations. It can be carefully crafted and can spend a lot of effort to do tenon and tenon. Now in industrial society, we already have all kinds of adhesives. We use modified waterproof latex and round rods. Tenon (such as photos), there is no problem with the structural fastness, and such a structure can be automatically processed and produced. The popular nail-free glue on the market, a drop of glue, stick a hook on the wall, you can hang a person, and even American airplanes are spliced u200bu200bwith glue (in the past, rivets were used), and the airplane was lightened by thousands of kilograms with glue. weight. However, the makers and users of traditional furniture may be more traditional, unwilling to change the traditional structure, and insist on using tenon and tenon joints. In fact, the market also has such a demand, and today's tenon and tenon joints are mostly made manually, and the labor cost is very high, which is said to be as high as 300-600 yuan/day, so the cost is very high, and the level of production technology is also uneven. The average age of workers engaged in this industry should be around 50 years old. However, China’s one-child policy and increasingly affluent lives make it rare for the younger generation to learn woodworking. It is estimated that after 10 years, it will be difficult to find handmade crafts. Woodworking of tenon joints. Therefore, we must now begin to study how to adopt digital processing technology. What is digital processing technology: use computer software, networks and databases to first process and design products, and then transfer the process data of these designs to machinery and equipment to achieve full digital and automated production. Scholars such as Yi Songlin and He Zhengbin from Beilin began to research in this area. They used the designer's furniture parts drawing to produce a number-controlled processing path diagram, which was converted into processing codes and processing cards, and then used CNC equipment to make tenon and tenon joints. . And using digital processing methods, processing examples of raglan tenon flat head processing process characteristics: orthodontic strip: the contour line of the tooth strip is an irregular spline curve. Leg: The contour line is irregular, the shoulder of the raglan tenon is not 45°, and it is difficult to adjust the processing process. Existing processing methods: 1. Use thin boards (density boards, plywood, etc.) to make molds according to drawings. 2. Lean on the mold and draw the outline on the wood. 3. Use a joiner's band saw to roughly process the lined wood into the required shape. 4. Nail the mold to the wood finished in the previous step, and process it on the ground gong. The mold is against the bearing. 5. A small part of the sharp corners needs to be set aside, deliberately not processed in place, and then filed with a wooden file after assembly. The processing process is complex and the technical content is high. Related reading: The subtlety of the mortise and tenon structure of graphic decryption. Of course, only one or two pieces are processed, and manual is still dominant. However, if large-scale and long-term production, digital production will have an absolute advantage, and it may be the only one in the future. Options. Using digital processing:-safety-simple operation-low long-term use cost-high accuracy, up to 0.1mm error. Currently, these digital designs have ready-made software, such as JT Paint, etc., which is very convenient. This is a production method that is worth recommending. Of course, there are many methods that are worthy of further study, but this is a trend, a trend that allows traditional furniture production to enter the industrialization and intelligentization. (Original Title: Machining of Tenon and Tenon with Digital Technology Author: Lin Zuoxin)
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