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by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-11
What is custom furniture? To put it simply, on the basis of large-scale production, furniture companies treat every consumer as a separate market segment. Consumers design the furniture they want according to their own requirements, and companies must design according to consumers. Personal exclusive furniture made on request. 'Customization' in the true sense is not just the production of furniture styles, but the customization of design, layout, production process, logistics and other aspects. Such customized services have long been popular in Europe, America and Japan. Mass customization is a new production mode that has swept domestic and foreign manufacturing industries in the past ten years. It quickly responds to the needs of individual customers with low-cost and agile operations. Take into account the advantages of customized production and mass production. Many companies have gained huge competitive advantages through mass customization, such as Haier Group and Dell. When customers can buy some products they really want at the right price, they hope to customize other products they want to buy. As a kind of durable consumer goods, the function of furniture is not only material, but also spiritual. When people buy furniture, they are very individual. In recent years, the real estate industry has been booming, and rooms of various types and decoration styles have also emerged unexpectedly. Most of the furniture is relatively popular in design, and it is difficult to meet individual requirements. A lot of furniture in the exhibition hall is beautifully styled, but once moved to a specific home, it is overshadowed. It is either that the size does not match the house space or the style does not match the overall decoration style. At this time, consumers require tailor-made products. At the same time, FAMUD|法Ernuo custom furniture and a large number of custom furniture companies came into being to provide Chinese consumers with personalized furniture customization services, including integrated wardrobes, integrated bookcases, walk-in cloakrooms, wall-mounted wardrobes, integrated furniture, etc. Products belong to the category of custom furniture. Furniture customization can not only meet the individual needs of consumers, but also create a new marketing method for the current furniture market, thereby achieving rapid sales growth. Some domestic apparel, home appliances, and retail companies have begun to experiment with customized marketing. For example, in August 2000, Haier launched its 'custom refrigerator' in just one month, and received orders for more than 1 million units from the Internet, which is equivalent to 1/3 of Haier's annual production and sales of 3 million refrigerators in 1999. Dell promoted customized marketing in the Chinese market, and almost no one believed that he would succeed. Today, computers have been selling well in the Chinese market. There is reason to believe that customized furniture marketing can adapt to the Chinese market, because furniture does not need to be popularized, and it is not an indifferent product. As long as there are different people, there are different needs. It is troublesome to make furniture by yourself, and you have to choose the hardware yourself, and the craftsmanship and mechanical manufacturing cannot be compared. not recommend. Customized furniture needs to choose a good manufacturer, because it is not a standard configuration, the price is 20% more expensive than normal. It is recommended to choose finished furniture as much as possible. Related reading: There are a lot of custom furniture, and consumers need to be cautious when purchasing custom furniture. Advantages: Good craftsmanship, environmental protection can basically be guaranteed, customizable, and individualized needs can be met. 1. Production location: The production workshop of the factory does not have all the problems caused by the production of furniture on the spot; 2. The equipment used: electronic cutting saws, baking booths, etc., the production level is greatly improved, and the product accuracy and precision are greatly improved. Improve; automatic edge banding machine, each board is edge-sealed, and it is edge-sealing on four sides, which minimizes the release of harmful gases; 3. Use of boards: density board, particle board, solid wood, etc.; 4. Production process: manual Combined with machinery, the use of large-scale electronic cutting saws and automatic edge banding machines greatly increases production capacity, saves labor time, and greatly reduces single product costs; 5. Environmental protection performance: different from finished furniture, first of all, custom furniture is mostly right The board used is treated with four-sided edge sealing. In this way, the effect of environmental protection is to maximize the emission of harmful gases such as formaldehyde per unit time. Secondly, the current first-line custom furniture brands on the market use The boards are all the boards of some mainstream brands and international brands in the market. Once you encounter any problems, you can find the source.
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