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Learn about wood structure through folk 'mantras'

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-07
There are many experience summaries that are amazing and full of wisdom among the people. These experiences are usually expressed in the form of poems, proverbs, and chants. There are also many such experiences in the wood industry. Take an example as follows. The characteristic of each part of wood The bark is the phloem layer that protects the growth and development of the tree. In the use of wood, the bark protects the trunk. The cambium is the inner bark between the bark and wood, which plays the role of meristematic wood. It is inner bark in spring, woody in autumn, inner bark in autumn, woody in winter and spring, and the cycle repeats. Bark plays a very important role. If the bark is peeled off too early after harvesting, wood cracking will occur. If the wood with bark is not stripped and placed in a damp place with no ventilation, the wood is more prone to rot and more susceptible to insects. Here are a few dictums: Extended reading: How to dry wood in ancient China. Tree felling is good in winter and spring, and bark should not be peeled off early. The final peeling saw sheet, naturally dry and store it. The structure of wood The structure of wood is naturally formed during the growth of trees, and its common characteristics and organizational structure can be analyzed from the longitudinal section and the cross section of the trunk. From the longitudinal section of the tree, you can see the bark, cambium, growth rings, and pith. As shown in FIG. In processing and utilization, the top part of the tree is called the top wood, the root part is called the root wood, and the top wood and the middle part of the root material are called the middle wood. The material of this part is relatively good. If the stump or plank is sawed in sections, the wood is often divided into root wood and tip wood. Extended reading: The price of mahogany furniture may differ dozens of times due to different materials. The cross section of the wood after harvesting is irregular. As shown in the figure above, you can clearly see the bark, cambium, annual rings, pith, and The arrangement of the marrow line. In processing and utilization, the wood that depends on the pith is called the heartwood, the wood that depends on the bark is called the sapwood, and the middle part between the heartwood and the sapwood is called the middle wood. The best material is also in the middle material part. How to remember this cleverly? There are also a few mantras here. Extended reading: The three major wood standards related to China's main wood should be distinguished, and the vertical and horizontal sections have names. Cross the center, side and middle material, and cut the middle material and top root longitudinally. The bark annual ring cambium, the pith line is regular and clear. These few phrases not only give us a more vivid understanding of the structure of wood, but also have a lot of enlightenment on the storage and utilization of wood. Following nature is the prerequisite for us to use nature.
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