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Lao Siamese rosewood Lao Siamese rosewood Siamese rosewood The difference between red rosewood?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-23
There are many species of mahogany furniture, and the five genera and eight categories are even more dazzling for laymen, and sometimes even the experts are confused. Especially the difference between red rosewood, Siamese rosewood, Lao red rosewood and Lao Siamese rosewood is even more dazzling. So, what is the difference between these types? We have worked hard to organize this article, so that you can 'fear the clouds and cover your eyes'! 1. Laos Siamese rosewood (Dalbergia cochinensis) Scientific name: Dalbergia cochinensis. The south is called Siamese rosewood, and the north is called Laohongmu. Today, the raw materials on the Laos Siamese rosewood market are almost gone. It is the traditional meaning of 'Old RedwoodDalbergia australis, Dalbergia dimple, Dalbergia villus and other species. The main producing area of u200bu200bDalbergia cochinensis is in Laos and Cambodia. Dalbergia cochinensis Laos Siamese rosewood (Dalbergia cochinensis) is similar in wood and color to lobular red sandalwood. The annual ring patterns are straight filaments. The bristles are larger than red sandalwood and the color is similar to maroon red. Its wood is hard and delicate, and can sink in water. It usually takes more than 500 years to grow before it can be used. The most obvious difference from other woods is that its wood grain often has dark brown or black stripes in the dark red color, giving people an impression Antique feel. Why is Dalbergia cochinensis called Siamese rosewood? Dalbergia cochinensis is called red rosewood, Dalbergia australis is called white rosewood, which is related to the color and structure of the wood. Dalbergia barri and Dalbergia australis are lighter than Dalbergia cochinensis. Dalbergia cochin is due to Its color is darker, often with black stripes. In order to distinguish it from Dalbergia barri and Dalbergia australis, Dalbergia cochinensis is called Siamese rosewood. 2. Laos red rosewood Laos red rosewood is commonly used in timber merchants to refer to the red rosewood produced in Laos. It does not specifically refer to the red rosewood of which tree species. Except for the Lao Siamese rosewood, it is produced in Laos. All the red rosewoods are called by this name. Therefore, consumers must distinguish clearly. 3. Lao rosewood Lao rosewood refers to Dalbergia baltifolia. Dalbergia baltifolia belongs to the genus Dalbergia of the family Papilionaceae, and is classified as red rosewood in the national standard 'Redwood' GB/T 18107-2000 'Redwood' kind. Originally known as 'Bali DalbergiaIn addition, Dalbergia barri produced in Laos is also called 'flower branch' in the domestic timber market. Dalbergia barri (Laos rosewood) 4. Burmese red rosewood (white rosewood) belongs to Dalbergia auscultum. It belongs to the genus Dalbergia of the Papillonaceae, and is classified as red rosewood in the national standard 'Redwood' GB/T 18107-2000 'Redwood'. Originally known as 'Dalbergia OrlyAmong them, the patterned Austenitic Dalbergia commercial materials produced in Burma and Thailand are called 'white branches'. Dalbergia australis (white rosewood) 5. Red rosewood red rosewood is broadly classified as red rosewood in the national standard of rosewood, including Dalbergia barri, Dalbergia sibiricum, Dalbergia cochinensis, and Dalbergia villus , Central American Dalbergia, Dalbergia australis, Dalbergia dimple. Dalbergia cochinensis is more commonly used in the market. Red rosewood is a large tropical evergreen tree. It is called 'old redwood' in northern my country, and called 'rosewood' in Guangdong and Guangxi. It is designated as 'red rosewood' in the National Mahogany Standard, and red rosewood is a legume Sandalwood is wood, mainly produced in India and some countries in Southeast Asia. The new section of red rosewood has the unique sour aroma of rosewood, so it is called rosewood. Extended reading: Detailed introduction of five genera and eight categories of mahogany furniture
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