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Knowledge of sheet metal and glue for panel furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-23
The most important material for panel furniture is the industrially produced standard panel, which is 2.44 meters long and 1.22 meters wide. There are many thickness specifications and a wide variety of materials. Only a few commonly used ones are introduced here. Plywood Plywood is made by gluing and pressing multiple layers of thin wooden boards vertically and horizontally. The common ones are three-layer and five-layer, so they are also called three-plywood and five-plywood. Due to the vertical and horizontal gluing and pressing, the physical and mechanical properties of the plywood in the vertical and horizontal directions are almost the same, which is obviously better than that of natural wood. At the same time, it also retains the characteristics of natural wood board with good nail holding power, and can be joined by iron nails. Plywood is suitable for furniture with strong stress. In the forum, many wood friends use plywood to make tool tables, electric circular saws and saw tables for table saws. Blockboard Blockboard is also called big core board. The upper and lower surfaces are made of two veneers, and the middle is glued and spliced u200bu200bwith thin wooden strips. Compared with fiberboard and moisture-proof board, blockboard not only has the characteristics of a standard board that is flat and not easily deformed, but also has the characteristics of natural wood. It has good nail holding power and can be joined by iron nails. General decoration companies will use blockboard, and use a nail gun to join fast and efficient. For DIY, I haven't found any advantages of this kind of board for the time being. There are two types of fiberboard: low-density fiberboard and medium-density fiberboard. Generally, medium-density fiberboard is used. The thickness of 15mm and 18mm is suitable for wardrobes and bookshelves. 3-5mm is used for non-load-bearing boards, such as drawer bottoms. The characteristics of fiberboard are low density, easy to be damp, large processing dust, and easy to crack in longitudinal processing (such as screwing, drilling, etc.). If there is no table saw or bench drill, fiberboard DIY is not recommended. Extended reading: Panel furniture pretends to be a moisturizing board for solid wood furniture. The moisture-proof board is a certain proportion of moisture-proof particles (usually green) added in the production process of the base material. The melamine board mentioned by Muyou in the forum is a moisture-proof board, a common moisture-proof board The board is made of heavy-grade particleboard + moisture-proof particles + melamine hot-pressed decorative surface. The thickness is generally 16mm. It is suitable for cabinets, bathroom cabinets and other damp-prone furniture. Of course, it can also be used for wardrobes, bookshelves, and shoe cabinets. The density of the moisture-proof board is higher than that of the fiberboard, the moisture-proof performance is much higher than that of the fiberboard, and it is not easy to crack, so it is more suitable for DIY. Fireproof board Fireproof board is a decorative board made of siliceous material or calcareous material as the main raw material, mixed with a certain proportion of fiber materials, lightweight aggregates, adhesives and chemical additives, and made by autoclave technology. Fireproof boards are generally used for veneers on the outer surface of panel furniture. The thickness is generally about 1mm. There are many varieties of appearance, and the decorative characteristics are more obvious than the fireproof characteristics. Glulam and finger joint boards have the same performance as solid wood, which is equivalent to the fact that the factory assembles wooden boards into wide boards. They are generally used by wood lovers who like solid wood but don't want to assemble them by themselves. I have never used them. 2. The surface treatment of board furniture with surface finishes generally adopts veneer, and paint is rarely used. Here are several commonly used veneer materials. Wood-grained paper Wood-grained paper was used a lot in the past, but now fireproof boards are generally used. Edge banding Edge banding is the edge banding of the cutting surface of panel furniture. There are PVC edge banding, metal edge banding, thin wood edge banding and so on. Extended reading: Is the quality of solid wood furniture better than panel furniture? 3. Hardware three-in-one connector The three-in-one connector is composed of eccentric parts, connecting rods, and embedded parts. It is convenient and beautiful to use on furniture, strong and durable, and can be disassembled and assembled many times. It is used by many furniture manufacturers. , Personal DIY can also be used but requires certain skills. Generally, there is no bench drill or row drill. The installation of a three-in-one connector requires three holes to be drilled in accurate positions on the two boards, and the depth must not be too large. , There is a certain degree of difficulty in using a hand electric drill to operate, and the efficiency is also low. Screws This is very common. It is used when screws are used for joining. Fiberboard screws are used for fiberboard and moisture-proof boards, and wood screws are used for other boards with properties close to solid wood. The guide rail of the cabinet door is used to make the sliding cabinet door. Concealed hinges The cabinet doors that pull outwards need to use concealed hinges. There are three types: full cover (full cover), half cover (half cover, half open), and full open (hidden). They are generally used for the outermost door of the cabinet. Full-covered hinges, half-covered hinges are used for the middle door, and full-open hinges are required for built-in cabinet doors. Shelf supports are also called plate supports. They are used to support shelf supports for bookshelves, shoe cabinets, and racks. They have the characteristics of adjustable shelf positions, and there are many types. Drawer guide rails are used to install drawers. There are two types: pulley type (two sections) and ball type (three sections). The pulley type is cheaper and has noise, while the ball type is more expensive but smooth and no noise when pushing and pulling. Handle drawers, cabinet door handles, various types, choose according to personal preference. Extended reading: Three coups to help you repair damaged panel furniture 4. Use of universal adhesive tape for edge banding of chemical materials. There are many types of glue, it is not necessary to use the above glue. White latex is used for bonding fireproof boards and round wooden dowels.
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