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Knowledge of furniture 'green certification'

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-19
A few days ago, the China Consumers Association issued a consumer warning: 'Green certification' is a mixed bag, and environmentally friendly home furnishings must be divided into true and false. The Consumers Association said that at present, a group of companies on the market enhance their competitiveness and strive for market share by producing green and environmentally friendly household products, but there are also many 'green certifications' that are false, exaggerated and misleading, and some certification agencies have no qualifications at all. , And only a certain single index is certified, using the vague words of 'special certification' to confuse people. The China Consumers Association reminds consumers that the current green certifications on the market include product certification, production management system certification, and production environment system certification. Consumers should distinguish between them when purchasing. The China Consumers Association reminds consumers that when buying furniture and decoration materials in the future, if they find that there is a 'green certification' in the product promotion, they can check on the country's official website (www.cnca.gov.cn) to identify green products.' 'Green certification' is true or false. If it is found that there is a false certification of the product identification, consumers can report to and report to the national certification management department or the industry and commerce administrative department and other departments. It is understood that in addition to the internationally accepted ISO14000 environmental system certification, the main domestic product environmental protection certifications include the following three types: One is the product that has passed the 'China Environmental Labeling (10 Ring)' certification by the State Environmental Protection Administration, which is currently the highest in the country. Level of environmental product certification; the second is a product certified by the China Quality Certification Center 'CQC Quality Environmental ProductEstablished on the basis of the South China Station of the National Furniture Testing Station, testing can be carried out in addition to certification. Experts suggest that green building materials are different from building materials that meet the 10 national standards. The former has far greater connotations than the latter. Building materials that meet the 10 national standards are building materials that meet the environmental protection standards. They cannot be called green building materials, but can only be called 'standard building materials' or 'environmental protection building materials.' Therefore, many products on the market under the name of 'green and environmental protection' and formaldehyde-free, in fact, it does not mean that there is no pollution, but that their pollution is lower than the national limit standard. He reminded everyone that in the decoration design, special attention should be paid to indoor environmental factors, reasonable matching of decoration materials, and full consideration of the carrying capacity and ventilation of the indoor space; construction techniques that are non-toxic, less toxic, non-polluting, and less polluting should be used as much as possible , The saw cut of artificial board should be coated with paint to make it fully cured, which can form a stable protective layer to prevent the formaldehyde from being emitted in the board.
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