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Knowledge of full green leather and half green leather

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-11
All green leather and semi-green leather are a kind of real leather, they are also Italian leather, and all green leather is the best kind of Italian leather. Whole green leather: Full-grain leather, which is processed from the finest raw leather, with fewer injuries, and the natural state of the leather surface remains intact. The coating is thin, can show the natural beauty of the leather, wear resistance, and good air permeability; the whole green leather is directly made by dyeing the blue warm leather, rejecting too many chemicals, so the skin surface can be clearly seen Fine pores, real sense, and excellent air permeability. The price is the most expensive among the leather types, but it is not because of the complicated tanning process and chemical materials, but because of the quality of the thick leather. The difference between the hides: it is necessary to choose captive-bred and castrated bull hides in the selection of skin embryos, because the fibrous structure of bull hides is relatively dense and the width is larger. The most important thing is the captive rearing, which makes the skin scars. Less, it is the best choice for making high-end leather, followed by manufacturing, making the overall effect more noble and elegant. Whole green leather can only be imported, and China cannot produce such a craft. Whole green leather is the best type of Italian leather, which is rare in the market. Semi-green skin: also known as double-layer skin, which refers to the thicker cut of the lower layer after peeling off the original skin, namely the whole blue skin. Compared with the whole blue skin, the half-green skin has more scars and pig eyes. The surface is lightly polished and painted, and then pressed with the corresponding pattern. The coating is thin, wear-resistant, and has good air permeability. Semi-green leather is also a kind of Italian leather. This leather is more common, especially for high-end furniture. Because the semi-green leather finished sofa has a good sense of reality, the look, texture and comfort are better, so it is still a top-quality leather, and the price is much cheaper than that of the full-green leather sofa. It is the choice of most consumers.
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