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Knowledge: Complete Wood Hardness Encyclopedia

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-09
Janka Hardness (Janka Hardness), the test method is to use a pressure device to press a steel ball with a diameter of 11.28 mm into the wood, the depth is half the height of the steel ball, the required load, the United States commonly used red oak hardness of 1290bf as a comparison value. Pterocarpus santalinus (Pterocarpus santalinus) origin: The red sandalwood heartwood in Mysore State in southern India has obvious differences. The sapwood is narrow and white, and the sapwood to the heartwood changes rapidly; the heartwood of the freshly cut wood is orange-red, and over time, it turns into red wine color. Its color is purple-black or almost black. Glossy, oblique texture, cumbersome structure, dense cross-section, diffuse porous material. The tube holes are medium to small or few, barely visible under the naked eye. There is no intrusion in the tube hole, mostly red-brown gum or white sediment or not, the wood rays are very fine, and the magnifying glass is not clear and slightly dense. Wood properties: It is difficult to dry, slow, but less cracking. The heartwood is immune to tree rot fungi, termites and other pests, and has strong durability. Therefore, it does not need anti-corrosion treatment in use. Wood is tough, wood is tough, extremely hard, and extremely hard. Oblique texture. Sandalwood (Santalum album) Origin: India, Southeast Asia, Australia. The sapwood is white, odorless, and heartwood. When it is freshly cut, it is light yellow-brown, and becomes dark brown when exposed to the atmosphere. After a long time, it becomes dark red-brown, somewhat overcast. Obscure luster, wood fragrance, this special fragrance lasts for thousands of years. No special taste, occasionally a weak wavy texture or rare bird's eye pattern appears on the radial section, and the structure is extremely fine and uniform. Diffuse porous material. The wood rays are very thin and visible under a magnifying glass. Material properties: The material is thin and heavy. When the water content is 12%, the density is 0.92g/cm3, the hardness is medium to hard, and the texture is straight or slightly wavy and dense. Slow drying and strong durability. Ebony (Diospyros ebemum) origin: India and Sri Lanka have obvious differences in heart and sapwood. The sapwood is white or yellowish white and wide. The heartwood is black jade with light black stripes in between. After the wood is polished, a black metallic luster appears, the processed surface is hard and smooth, the texture is irregular or wavy, the structure is very fine, dense and uniform, no special smell, the wood rays are very thin, and the heartwood is a thin white band. Material properties: The material is dense, particularly hard and heavy. The air-dry density is 1.16g/cm3. It is not easy to dry. It is prone to end cracks or surface cracks during the drying process. It has strong durability and immunity to powder-retaining beetles. Teak (Tectona grandis) Origin: India, Malaya, Myanmar and Thailand have obvious differences in heartwood and sapwood. The sapwood is light yellow-brown; the heartwood is golden yellow and becomes dark yellow-brown over time. In dry areas, it is mostly brown with latitude and longitude, string surface The top is a parabolic pattern, the wood is shiny, the new material has a slightly pungent odor, no taste, and it feels fat to the touch. There is a tactile feel on the pomelo wood. The texture is usually straight, but there are also interlaced textures in the same production area. The structure is medium to slightly thick, with ring porosity, obvious growth rings, very wide and uneven. There are many rays of wood, visible to the naked eye. Material properties: Burmese teak has a density of 0.60g/cm3. The wood is in good dry condition, and it needs to be covered when it is naturally dried to prevent it from drying too quickly; it has good stability, low swelling, and the color of the material is easy to change, but the color of the dried wood is the same. It has strong corrosion resistance, strong corrosion resistance, and difficult anti-corrosion treatment. The sapwood is easily eaten by insects, but the heartwood is very resistant to termites and sea rotting wood organisms. It has good mechanical properties and is resistant to corrosion. Related reading: Which kind of wood is the best wood to buy solid wood furniture? Manglietia fordiana Place of origin: China's macro-structural characteristics: The difference between border forests is obvious. The sapwood is grayish yellowish, and the heartwood is small, yellowish brown. The texture is straight, the structure is fine, and the material is light. The annual rings are obvious, evenly wide and narrow, with thin lines on the ring boundary. Diffuse porous material. The pipe holes are slightly more, very small, uniformly distributed, and the wood rays are less, slightly thinner, and unevenly distributed, and the wood ray markings on the diameter surface are not obvious. Material properties: air-dry density is 0.437g/cm3, light. Easy to dry, dry to shrink. The heartwood is wear-resistant and has strong resistance to termites and insect pests. Cinnamomum camphora (Cinnamomum camphora) origin: China's heart and sapwood have obvious or slightly different differences. The sapwood is wide, yellowish brown to grayish brown, and the heartwood is reddish brown or dyed with dark stripes. The wood has a typical camphor smell. It is shiny, with oblique or staggered texture, and fine structure. The annual ring is obvious, the width is uneven, the early wood belt is slightly wider, and the late wood belt is dark in color, forming a dark ring boundary line. Diffusion hole to the diffusive hole material. The hole of the early wood to late wood gradually becomes smaller. The axial parenchyma is ring-shaped, with a few wing-shaped; the wood rays are thin, with markings visible on the radial surface. Material properties: air-dry density is 0.535g/cm3, light. It is easy to warp and crack when dry, and shrink when dry. Not easy to decay and moth eaten, strong durability, smooth cut surface. Phoebe origin: China's heartwood and sapwood are not clearly different. The wood is yellowish brown with greenish lines. Luster and fragrance, slant texture, fine structure. The annual ring is obvious. There are thin dark brown lines on the wheel circles. Diffuse porous material. The tube hole is fine. Axial parenchyma ring tube bundle. The wood rays are thin, narrow and uneven, with fine and dense markings on the radial surface. Material properties: air-dry density is 0.61g/cm3, medium. There will be warping when drying, long-lasting non-corrosion, easy processing, smooth cut surface; good paint and adhesive properties. Dalbergia hupeana (Dalbergia hupeana) Origin: China's heartwood and sapwood are not distinct, and the wood is light yellowish brown. The annual ring is slightly obvious, and the width is uneven. For diffuse-porous materials, the pipe holes are slightly small, small to medium, and most of them are distributed separately. Axial parenchyma is rich in tissues, near tubular wing-shaped, converging wing-shaped, off-tubular belt-shaped, circle-shaped, wood rays are thin, slightly smaller, and light in color.
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