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Key points of rattan chair design and production

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-19
When designing rattan furniture, rattan furniture should take into account the structural characteristics of rattan furniture in advance. Only rattan furniture can achieve beautiful appearance, stable structure, long service life, and can better match the home style to achieve a better interior decoration effect. . Rattan furniture frame structure design Rattan furniture is mostly a frame structure, and other assembly structures are attached to the frame foundation. Therefore, the frame is the skeleton of the rattan furniture. According to the different frame materials, there are: rattan frame, bamboo frame, wooden frame, metal frame, etc. Among them, rattan frame and bamboo frame are more widely used. Then the choice of frame material is the primary content of rattan furniture structure design. The frame of rattan furniture not only reflects the appearance of the furniture, but also the main stress part. Therefore, the rationality of the frame structure and the combined structure directly affects the strength, stability and appearance of the furniture, and they are systematically designed. , Is the main content of rattan furniture structure design. Rattan furniture frame structure design Because of the variety of rattan furniture types and shapes, the form of rattan frame is also diverse and full of changes. There are many structural decorative armrest brackets and frame brackets on the main frame. Due to the limited diameter of the rattan material, the structural design of the frame material must be combined to meet the strength requirements when the rattan with a smaller diameter is used as the main frame material. At the same time, due to the excellent bending performance of the rattan, it is It can also be bent and twisted to a certain extent. In this way, the material structure of the linear parts of the main frame must be designed. The following materials are commonly used in design: a single material structure, two material structure, three material structure, triaxial material structure, tufted material structure, twisted material structure, twisted material structure. The material composition of each form and the modeling effect are different, so you can choose according to your needs. Frame structure design, no matter what form the frame is, it is basically composed of linear parts. How to match and combine the parts can achieve the required frame form and meet the strength needs. This is an important aspect of the frame structure of rattan furniture, and it is also a frame. The embodiment of the structural form is the focus of the structural design of rattan furniture. In rattan furniture, there are many applications where the backrest, armrests, and front legs are integrated or the armrests and backrests are integrated. This structure can give full play to the bending performance of the rattan material. At the same time, the shape is also smooth and smooth. The integrated form is called Lianbang back. The back of the chain sometimes needs to be extended by several parts, and the extended part is also an aspect of the structural form. Generally, it can be carried out at the junction of the seat surface and the armrest. The important point of the frame structure is that the whole rattan is used as much as possible for the main force-bearing parts of the skeleton. In rattan furniture, in addition to the basic structure, the support between the legs is indispensable. Because the rattan is easy to bend and is relatively light, the application of the support between the legs can play a role in strengthening the stability of the structure. The form is also diversified, and there are more cross braces in the diagonal direction. Of course, for the stability of the furniture, the legs of rattan furniture should be tilted outwards to increase the contact area; although the seat surface has a woven structure, But the seat support is also necessary. It serves as a kind of rigid support to support the seat panel and keep it stable, so that the life of the furniture will be prolonged, and the seat panel can also be fixed on it to facilitate the addition of soft cushions and make the furniture more comfortable ; Armrest support is another important component of rattan furniture, with many forms. The armrest support is a good embodiment. The armrest support is an important factor for the armrest to maintain a certain shape; there is also a backrest support, which is also an important factor for supporting the back and maintaining stability. , The same seat surface support has similar effects. In short, the form of the frame structure has a relatively large impact on the overall quality of the furniture. When designing the structure, it is necessary to conduct in-depth research and design appropriate structural components and forms. Extended reading: the purchasing skills of bamboo and rattan furniture. Rattan furniture frame connection structure design and production frame rattan rods often need to be bent or even twisted, extended (usually jointed by tongue and groove or round tenon), widened or combined (two or two The rattan rods above the root are connected in the radial direction to improve the stress strength of the rattan furniture frame and enhance the beauty of the shape. The frame structure connection methods generally include: nail joints, wood screw joints, tenon joints, glue joints, and connectors. For joining, wrapping, entanglement, etc., a piece of furniture often requires a combination of several applications. According to different parts of the furniture, appropriate structural connection methods are adopted. At present, nail bonding, wood screw bonding and entanglement are the most widely used structural connection methods. The width and length of the rattan, the combination of the corners of the horizontal and vertical materials (T-joint, L-join), cross joint, diagonal brace joint, U-shaped joint, V-shaped joint, etc. can all be nailed, mainly Metal nails. Commonly used metal nails include round nails, shot nails, U-shaped nails and so on. The nail connection method is simple and easy to implement, and the joint strength is average. Adhesives are often used to reinforce the nail connection. Generally speaking, the part of the main frame can be combined with round nails,
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