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Italian fashion art-Alina Furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-07
Italy, this romantic country of art is a place that many people yearn for. The famous writer Yu Qiuyu once commented on Italy in this way. He said: “Germany is too heavy and rigid, Spain is too wild and unruly, Britain is too regular and conservative, France is too casual and frivolous, and Italy just circumvents these shortcomings and combines many advantages in one: diversification. , Creative, imaginative, and always at the forefront of fashion.” As the most famous fashion country in the world, Italy’s title of “Fashion Capital” is not just a name. The world trend brands we know today, including Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Versace, etc., are all Italian fashion representatives. Of course, Italian fashion is different from other European countries. 'Fashion originated in Britain, developed in France, and became art in Italy, but it has become the most profitable tool in the United States.' This popular saying in the fashion circle broke the status of Italy in fashion. It is not empty fashion, but full of artistic charm and profound cultural heritage, and this is also one of the fascinating places of Italian furniture. To this day, although Italian furniture is no longer as exaggerated and complicated as in the past, but under the simple appearance, the fashion with artistic and cultural atmosphere is still the unique label of contemporary Italian furniture. Take Alena of Huari Home Furnishings as an example. As Italian-style aesthetic furniture, Alena has incorporated Italian art and culture into furniture design. Cassonne bedside table Italy is the birthplace of the Renaissance. During the Renaissance, merchant aristocrats headed by the Medici family ruled the political, economic and cultural activities of Florence. Of course, in order to show the citizens their authority and wealth, their children's weddings were naturally grand and luxurious, and wedding furniture was also quite popular during that period. Among them, as the bride's dowry, Cassonne is also the protagonist of Renaissance wedding furniture. During the wedding, Casona, full of dowry, will be delivered to the groom’s residence through the bustling streets. In fact, Cassonne is a long box with a lid, usually in pairs, with the bride and groom's family crests engraved on the box. After the 16th century, Cassonne’s design has changed. For example, the decoration methods no longer use painting, gilding, or inlay, but prefer to use high relief on walnut wood. Of course, the function of Cassonne has also changed at this time. It is not only limited to wedding occasions, but is also often used for interior decoration of mansions, home storage, and use as a chair and stool. Recently, among the new Alena launched by Huari Home Furnishing, there is also a product inspired by the Casona bedside table. To remove the complexity from simplicity, the decoration is just right, each is unique design: rounded corners, substantial storage space, the combination of beech and ebony wood, the classic metal color of 'Milan goldType······Huari Home Furnishing Alena still carries the aristocratic and artistic temperament of the ancient Casona bedside table in Italy, but it is not that exaggerated luxury, it adapts to the functional needs and aesthetic characteristics of contemporary people. Modern but classic, graceful and elegant, low-key luxury. Spartacus Armor Chair Spartacus is a famous hero in ancient Rome. Under the Roman slavery system at that time, Spartacus led the uprising movement of slave rebellion, which had a profound influence in the history of human slave uprising. Of course, his heroic image of fighting for freedom is also deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. When he was young, Marx regarded Spartacus as his idol. Extended reading: Nanmu Family: A poem to accompany you in your life, Alena’s Spartacus Armor Chair is inspired by this ancient Roman hero. The armor elements of Spartacus are cleverly applied to the furniture to evoke people's memory of Spartacus. Although we are in a different era from this hero, we can still feel his heroic spirit and yearning for freedom through Alenas’s Badax armor chair and the domineering gentleman’s shape. . Putting this Spartak armoured chair in the home, in addition to the artistic atmosphere of the furniture itself, also makes the whole space full of vitality and vigor. Of course, like this Italian furniture that perfectly blends fashion and art, Huari Home Furnishing Alena series also has many products, and I will not give examples one by one. In short, the pursuit of art and fashion is an important factor for Italian furniture to become a classic. With the continuous improvement of people's cultural literacy, there is no doubt that such Italian furniture will be favored by more and more people. (net)
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