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Is water-based paint really environmentally friendly?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-17
The transformation of water-based paint that has been 'tossed' for a year may be a 'magnanimous' project for companies, and it may be complicated data collection and calculations for standard makers, and for consumers, 'Water-based paint' also influenced their various choices this year. Is water-based paint furniture really environmentally friendly? The furniture manufacturing industry pollutant emission standards will soon be introduced. As of press time, the reporter learned that the furniture manufacturing industry pollutant emission standards are under review and are expected to be issued by the end of the year. In addition to stipulating the air pollutant emission concentration limits, monitoring and control requirements in the production process of the wooden furniture manufacturing industry, it also makes detailed regulations on the nature of the paint in the furniture production process, the amount of use, and the production environment. Regarding the rectification time of enterprises, industry insiders said that the rectification will be from 2015 to the end of 2016. As for whether companies that still cannot meet the standards by then will face the previously legendary 'outside migrationRelated reading: Water-based paint is the first choice for environmentally friendly home life. Insiders say, “If you want to make furniture tasteless, you must use water-based paint.” However, at the same time, another voice accompanies: “Water-based paint is not hard enough and easy. This leads to damage to the surface of the furniture.” For water-based paint, one side is positive encouragement and the other side is negative rejection. Different attitudes make consumers confused. So, what is the truth? 'Water-based paint' is healthier than 'oil-based paint' and has been recognized by the paint industry. If you say that newly decorated houses and newly bought furniture have a smell, you may think it is 'formaldehydeSomething: VOC. The name of VOC is Volatile Organic Compound, which is often hidden in the paint used on wooden surfaces.   Many people are asking, in addition to reducing the pollution of VOC emissions to the atmosphere, how can every family be healthier by changing to furniture with water-based paint? Zhao Ruihai, president of Qumei Furniture, said frankly that to achieve 'furniture is completely tastelessBecause traditional solvent-based paint contains 'volatile organic compound VOCIf you still use solvent-based paint, the environmental protection of the furniture is not stable. 'Water-based paint' has undergone many technological innovations and is not so fragile. 'Water-based paint furniture? Will it be imprinted if you blanch it with water?' Many consumers who are new to water-based paint furniture will have similar ideas. There are frequent claims of insufficient paint film hardness and poor water resistance. However, someone in the industry said after hearing this point of view, 'These are too old views.' Experts said that water-based wood paint is directly diluted with water, and the construction is relatively simple, and it is not easy to appear blistering, particles and other oily paints. The paint film feels fine and smooth, the gloss is soft and uniform, the yellowing resistance is good, the water resistance is excellent, and it is not easy to burn. It can also be used to produce the unique 'wood but no paint' effect that can not be achieved by oil paint. The transformation of water-based paint should not be reduced to a gimmick. The most prominent environmental performance of water-based paint is its important value. However, Liu Jie, Minister of Industry Development of China Coatings Industry Association, gave consumers an important reminder: 'Not all water-based paints are environmentally friendly. Yes.' Some businesses may also take advantage of the current hot trend and claim that their furniture production uses water-based paint. 'It is easy to use water-based paint, and it is difficult to say whether it can meet environmental protection standards.' Secondly, consumers' consumption habits and aesthetic orientation need to be changed. 'Obviously, the kind of furniture that can't wait for the ‘stealing light’ is hardly water-based lacquer furniture. Good water-based lacquer furniture may let you see the texture of the wood itself.'
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