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Is there only 33 types of mahogany?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-30
The title of our article first raised a question, that is: Is there only 33 types of wood for mahogany? There are two answers to this question: The first answer: Yes, there are only 33 types of wood, this is the current ' There are 33 types of wood in 5 categories and 8 categories listed in the National Standard. The second answer: No. This is also based on the 'National StandardMahogany.' In fact, we shouldn’t let this passage go easily, because it provides us with a very important piece of information, which is: if there is a “density, structure, and material color” that meets the standard, it can also be called For mahogany. The key here is whether this 'if' hypothesis can be established. It is obvious that this 'if' can be established. The basis is based on the following two points: First, some qualified tree species were not listed in the 'National Standard' at that time, and the reason was due to the problem of reserves. Mr. Yang Jiaju, the first drafter of the national standard of 'RedwoodIt cannot be a commercial material. The concept of commercial timber means that this timber has considerable reserves, which can be felled on a larger scale and enter the market for circulation. The author has never consulted Mr. Yang. I don’t know what the value of this commodity material reserve is, but it is certain that it will not be a small amount. I don't know how many tree species were not listed in the national standard but met the standard, but there are, that's for sure. Second, some qualified tree species were not included because they were not found to be 'qualified.' We can say with certainty here that there must be such tree species. We can cite the example of Lushi Black Dalbergia. Dalbergia Lushi is the large-leaf red sandalwood with irregular appellation. This species has not been introduced into my country for a long time, but after more than ten years, some experts thought it was 'sandalwood red sandalwood'. And soon after the 'National Standard' was formulated, it was included in it. If it enters the domestic market three or five years later, that is to say, if it enters the Chinese market after the 'National Standard' is formulated, it will still be anonymous. , Will be regarded as 'non-redwood'. So, who can guarantee that there is really no such situation? Related reading: The top ten huadan in the mahogany industry. According to what we have learned, there are indeed some timber merchants who have introduced some good varieties and are working with relevant parties. Conduct research, and if it meets the standard, it can be called 'redwood'. In this way, how can 'mahogany' say that it has only 33 types of wood? Maybe 34, 35, 36, 37, 38. The concept of 'Redwood' is actually flexible. This is to look at the problem from a developmental perspective, so that it is more in line with objective facts. I remember that someone raised the issue of expanding the category of 'redwoodThis involves modifying the national standard, which is definitely troublesome. The 'National Standard' is not unchangeable, but it requires all conditions to be met, and it will happen naturally. And we are more in favor of the development of new qualified tree species resources. This is also one of the feasible ways to solve the shortage of materials in our traditional furniture industry.
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