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Is there any distinction between wenge wood authentic and non-authentic?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-11-29
My friend saw that there are wenge furniture on the market, and the source of their materials varies from Africa to Burma, and some are native to Yunnan. The names of the materials marked on the products are also different. Some are called 'Chicken Wing WoodThese different origins and different names make it difficult for friends to distinguish. So, is there any difference between authentic and non-authentic wenge wood? If so, which is the authentic chicken wing wood? Is the common 'Ding-grain wood' in the market authentic chicken wing wood? In fact, wenge is one of the eight types of wood listed in the national standard of 'Redwood'. The genus Leguminosae and the genus saccharum are distributed in tropical regions. Wenge wood is a relatively beautiful wood among mahogany. It is known for its distinctive and unique texture and has always been loved by scholars and consumers. Related reading: What is the difference between African wenge and Burmese wenge? There are often different classifications of wenge on the market, such as naming products according to the age, place of origin, and color, but these usually cannot accurately express the name of the species of wenge. According to the regulations of the national standard of 'RedwoodThe origins of Tachibana are East Asia, Southeast Asia and China's Yunnan, Fujian, Guangdong, and Guangxi. 'Dingwenmu' is a folk name for Baihuaya Doumu in the industry. There is no distinction between authentic and non-authentic chicken wing wood, but in order to emphasize that the material is good, the material dealers often call the chicken wing wood they operate as authentic chicken wing wood. The so-called authentic wenge wood in the market generally refers to wenge wood from Burma and other real estates, because the wenge wood of Burma and other localities has interlaced and clear textures, and the difference between the heart and sapwood is obvious. The sapwood is slightly wider, gray-brown, and the heartwood is dark red-brown to purple-brown. , The core of the tree has strong hardness, which is as hard as sand and stone. Sometimes it will be broken and sawn, and the tree core will expand outward in a radial pattern. The raw materials are few and expensive. It seems that as far as the market is concerned, whether it is “less and expensive” is often a popular “standard” for the folks to measure whether it is “authentic”.
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