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Is the quality of the mahogany wardrobe reliable? Be careful that OEMs lead to fake and inferior products

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-28
Although the mahogany wardrobe that I bought is a brand-name furniture product, it may not be produced under its brand. Nowadays, in the mahogany wardrobe and products industry, the phenomenon of custom-made mahogany products is very common. Some companies have insufficient production capacity or high production costs. They often 'contract' the production business to small manufacturers or small workshops, and attach the products to their own brands. Sell u200bu200bto consumers. The branded products that consumers buy may not be produced by their branded factories. The production standardization of mahogany wardrobes is low, and there are many products of poor quality and even fakes in the OEM products. It is very common for companies to take goods or ask OEM factories for production and processing, and it has become an open secret in the industry. Mahogany wardrobe recently, consumer Mr. Qu has encountered such a thing. According to him, I bought a set of small leaf red sandalwood bedroom wardrobe in a redwood brand store. After using it for a period of time, it was found that the material was decolorized during the polishing process. The material is not small leaf red sandalwood, but dyed from other woods. Mr. Qu found a business, and the other party said that this wardrobe was not produced in this factory, but was sold outside after “acquiring the goods” and OEM. In the end, the merchant handles it with a refund. It is a normal phenomenon that qualified materials and processes can be customized by OEM, and it is also a manifestation of the brand development of Hongmu enterprises; and ensuring the quality of OEM products is a prerequisite for acceptance by the consumer market. Due to the low degree of industrialized production of mahogany enterprises, it is inevitable that material fraud, process fraud, and shoddy products will inevitably occur, which will bring losses to both enterprises and consumers. Therefore, when companies choose OEM production methods, they should have a certain understanding and control of OEM factories in terms of material selection, technology, and flow, so as to improve product quality and maintain their own brand image. There are basically the following modes of custom-made corporate OEMs. OEMs are mainly small factories or small workshops, concentrated in Dongyang, Fujian, Xianyou, Hebei and other regions. These companies specialize in the production of OEM products for brands and have formed a relatively complete Industry chain. Import semi-finished or finished products from some small manufacturers or small workshops, and sell them after reprocessing; or place orders directly with small manufacturers, and sell the finished products under their own brand after receiving the finished products. According to industry sources, some brands have developed rapidly in recent years. Due to market demand, OEM products have become their main products, and some even exceed 80%. Related reading: How to maintain the mahogany wardrobe in the four seasons. The main reason for the large profits of the factory's OEM is the pursuit of profit is the main reason why many factories choose OEM. In the past ten years, mahogany wardrobes have gradually been recognized by the mass consumer market, and the number and scale of mahogany companies have been expanding. Different from the modern production process of the wardrobe, the mahogany wardrobe can be described as a 'semi-artificial productThe production capacity of some companies cannot meet market demand or the production costs are too high. OEM customized products bring higher profit margins to the company. In addition, companies have limited production capacity and reserve raw materials. In order to meet consumer demand, there are often 'acquisitions'. In addition, the high production cost is also the reason why many companies choose OEM products. According to industry insiders, in the industry, the phenomenon of foundry is generally concentrated in small products such as chairs and cabinets. Because the small wardrobe uses small materials, the process is relatively simple, and the added value of the product is not high, relatively large brands have higher labor costs, transportation costs and other enterprise operating costs, and the cost of products produced by small workshops is lower. In addition, the appearance and structure of small products are similar, and companies do not need to invest too much design and Ru0026D costs; brand companies choose OEM products and attach their own brands to earn more profit margins. According to reports, in the past six months, as the prices of redwood raw materials such as Cochin rosewood have continued to rise, large and long materials have become increasingly scarce, making companies more 'cherish materials' and more cautious in production. In addition to representative works, precious materials (such as Huanghuali) or large wardrobes, many companies choose to outsource small products to avoid the risks caused by scarcity of materials.
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