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Is the oak bathroom cabinet really waterproof?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-20
The bathroom is a place where people wash daily, and it is also a place where people often deal with water vapor, so the humidity in the bathroom is relatively heavy. Under such circumstances, oak bathroom cabinets have strong waterproof function and are the first choice for many people to buy bathroom cabinets. So, you must ask, what are the reasons for this? Next, let us uncover the answer to this mystery! Oak bathroom cabinets use oak wood, and oak wood has five natural advantages that other woods cannot have. The five advantages of oak: First, oak wood is hard, high hardness, and high density. Natural oak will not rot in water for ten years without treatment. Moreover, our products are sprayed with multiple layers of paint after processing, so they are more corrosion-resistant; second, Natural, environmentally friendly, healthy, raw materials are collected from natural wood; third, antibacterial, anti-corrosion, not easy to absorb dirt; fourth, the temperature effect is excellent, cooling three to five degrees per hour, (under normal indoor temperature) save water; Fifth, various herbs and essential oils can be added to soak, and help to exert the medicinal effect, so as to soak beautiful skin. It can be seen that oak is incompatible with water and has the function of waterproofing. It is the best material for bathroom cabinets. And in the domestic market, we can also see that the middle and high-end oak bathrooms are made of rubber wood imported from Thailand and Malaysia. The price of oak bathroom cabinets is a bit more expensive than ordinary ones, but in terms of quality, oak bathroom cabinets are definitely a good bathroom furniture that is waterproof and moisture-proof! Oak bathroom cabinets have five major advantages, which are the reasons why people have always sought after. Extended reading: What material is good for bathroom cabinets? The five major materials of bathroom cabinets and the four advantages of oak bathroom cabinets are not easy to absorb water. When people buy bathroom cabinets, the first thing they consider is the waterproof function. Compared with other woods, oak is not easy to absorb water because of its higher density. Therefore, the bathroom cabinet made of oak is very waterproof. Flexible and malleable Oak itself has high ornamental value and plasticity, which can meet the needs of many consumers. If you do not consider the price, then custom oak bathroom cabinets are also a very good choice. Compared with other woods, solid, abrasion-resistant oak has a higher density and firmerness, plus it is a natural, non-polluting wood. Therefore, oak bathroom cabinets are better than ordinary bathroom cabinets in terms of wear resistance and texture. Low-key and fashionable Starting from the oak material, oak has a heavy and hard texture, a thick structure, a light color and a beautiful texture, and a fairly high mechanical strength. The oak bathroom cabinet made of oak has prominent wood grain on its surface. This not only improves the quality of the bathroom, but also gives people a simple, simple and fashionable feeling. However, oak bathroom cabinets also have their own shortcomings. Two major disadvantages of oak bathroom cabinets are expensive. The raw materials for making oak bathroom cabinets are low and the cost is high. Therefore, the price of oak bathroom cabinets is more expensive. Because the main sources of oak are Russia and the United States, imports from other places are also very small. Therefore, the cost of oak bathroom cabinets is much more expensive than other wooden bathroom cabinets. Cracking occurs easily. Oak is difficult to dry due to its woodiness and moisture. It is more difficult to reach the drying level, and if it is not handled well, it will cause surface deformation and cracking. Although oak bathroom cabinets have these two shortcomings, they still do not prevent people from loving it. This is why oak bathroom cabinets are so big that they can attract people's attention!
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