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Is the lazy sofa easy to use?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-07
Think about the feeling of lying on a comfortable bed when you come home after hard work every day! But, we can't just lie down in the bedroom as soon as we get home, right? And the bed is not movable, and the lazy sofa can make us so comfortable at home anytime, anywhere. The lazy sofa is also called lazybones, soft furnishings, beanbags, beanbags, it is a big bag, the outer jacket can be polyester cloth, pure cotton cloth, suede, plush, etc., the inner cover is made of lazy sofa with good air permeability The non-woven fabric cover is filled with high-density polystyrene particles. The inner sleeve can be taken out for easy cleaning, and the outer sleeve is equipped with a zipper. The size of the lazy sofa: the lazy sofa is a big bag, the size is about 150cm*100cm. Advantages of the lazy sofa: unlike ordinary sofas, it is comfortable and comfortable, and it is very convenient to clean and move. Lazy sofas can be divided into noble styles, lovers styles, design styles, technology styles, practical styles and children styles. Don't underestimate this cloth bag, you just sit on it and it will give you a warm hug. It is softer than normal home furnishings. If you don't want to use it, it's easy to handle. You can just find a corner and place it, but don't stay away from the high temperature, away from the corners of the surface. Defects of the lazy sofa: the ozone layer 'indirect killer' Professor Bi Jian, deputy dean of the School of Chemistry and Materials Science of Sichuan Normal University, pointed out that the 'lazy sofa' made of foam is the main material, which is very popular nowadays because of its low price, convenience and lightness. Young people love it. As everyone knows, foam is a foaming agent made of ozone-depleting substances! Why is there a lazy sofa? In the 1960s, there was a wave of waves in the design world that originally had a unified view. People began to doubt the previous design concepts that were taken for granted and tried to break through the tradition. At the time of the rise of the protests, Gatti, Paolini and Teodoro founded a design company in Turin in 1965, trying to design a design that is both satisfying and comfortable. A soft sofa that caters to the impetuous young people's interest in seeking change at that time. They found inspiration from the bags dumped with plastic garbage, and thus made the prototype of the lazy sofa (bean bag chair). The original lazy sofa (bean bag chair) is composed of 12 million small plastic balls. It is low-cost and versatile, and can meet the needs of 'any shape, any place, and any surface'. Bean bag chair In 1970, the lazy sofa (bean bag chair) was exhibited at the '1918-70 Modern Chair Exhibition' held at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and was collected. Although the designer did not intentionally create works that would make people admire, elegant and comfortable beanbag sofas. Since then, popular classics have become a symbol of the times. In 2001, bean bag furniture 'lazy bones' and 'bean bags' entered China, and in a hippy and lazy form, a crowd of young people flocked to it. The improved bean bag furniture once again attracted the attention of Chinese people. Related reading: Types and functions of sofa beds
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