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Is South American rosewood a mahogany?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-07
Some consumers of South American rosewood when purchasing mahogany furniture in a furniture store, they heard a kind of wood called South American rosewood. The shopping guide said that the ceiling was falling, but the consumers were confused and couldn't help wondering whether South American rosewood was not. Redwood? What is rosewood? Take you to an in-depth discussion. The woody characteristic of South American rosewood has a macroscopic structure of diffuse porous wood. The heartwood is dark brown to purple-brown, with dark olive or purple-brown stripes; the boundary with the sapwood is obvious. The sapwood is nearly white or light yellow; the width is about 6.5 to 7.5 cm. The growth ring is obvious. The wood is shiny, and the freshly cut wood has a light medicinal sour taste, which gradually fades over time. There is no special smell and taste after being made into furniture. The texture is staggered, the structure is fine, slightly uniform, the wood is very heavy and hard; in the drying shrinkage, the strength is high, the processed surface is smooth and clean, durable, corrosion-resistant, non-cracking, and resistant to termites and other fungal and insect pests. Further reading: How to identify the red rosewood furniture South American rosewood is what kind of wood? The Chinese name of South American rosewood is South American iron pigeon pea, which is produced in tropical Africa and tropical America. Belongs to the butterfly flower family, iron pea genus. This material is often mistaken for mahogany by some consumers. In fact, it is the trick of wood merchants who use 'acid branches' to beat the edge ball. This is a tactic used by some unscrupulous timber merchants in recent years to deceive consumers by taking advantage of consumers' lack of knowledge about mahogany. In fact, according to the new national standard for mahogany, South American rosewood is not mahogany. According to some differences in the material, color, and origin of this genus of wood, some people roughly divide it into three commercial materials: iron pigeon peas (also known as iron pigeon peas, South American iron pigeon peas), brusa, and red sandalwood. The names are also called South American red rosewood, South American black rosewood, red iron pigeon pea, black iron pigeon pea, etc., and so on. The title is rather confusing and has not been recognized by the entire industry or academia. It is especially worth noting that some people even use it to counterfeit mahogany. Extended reading: Experts interpret the difference between rosewood and rosewood in four aspects. Therefore, consumers are reminded that when buying mahogany furniture, they must ask the merchant to show the wood certification certificate to avoid being fooled.
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