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Is red oak good?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-27
Red oak is widely distributed in various regions of the eastern United States. Oak is the tree with the largest number of species among the eastern hardwood forest species. There are more red oaks than white oaks. There are many varieties of red oak, of which about eight are commercial trees. The wood is hard and heavy, with good machining performance and slow drying; it is difficult for laymen to distinguish between ash and red oak. In the case of painting, some red oak wood grains are similar to ash, the difference is: red oak wood The smooth part of the veins tends to show a little bit of a small texture, while the Fraxinus mandshurica does not. The color, texture, characteristics and properties of red oak will vary with the place of origin. Southern red oak grows faster than northern red oak, and the wood is harder and heavier. It is usually divided into the south and north and sold according to the production area. The southern wood is reddish in color. Color difference, suitable for darker painting products; northern material color is lighter red, whiter, and the color is uniform, suitable for light-colored products, the price difference between north and south is large. The domestic market is mainly sawn timber, mainly for the furniture market. Main uses: building materials, furniture, flooring, interior architectural decoration, wood moldings, doors, cabinets, coffins and buckets, etc. It is ideal to make all kinds of furniture and cabinets with red oak. The wood is hard and tough, not too heavy, and easier to handle than other oaks. Unique wood grain and good surface treatment performance are ideal for making natural oil surface or dyeing treatment products of the same color. Red oak components include solid wood, laminated and veneer, etc. Furniture manufacturers around the world use a large number of red oak boards and veneers in their products, which has a unique effect. The pink color and multi-purpose features of red oak flooring are highly regarded. It is hard and heavy, coupled with high breaking strength and full shock resistance, extremely resistant to wear, and is the best floor material for residential and commercial projects. Red oak solid wood flooring can be polished and surface modified to increase its attractiveness and durability. The grain of red oak is usually vertical and rough, and it performs well after machining. Although the effect of fixing with nails and screws is good, it is recommended to drill holes first. After dyeing and polishing, a beautiful surface can be created. Red oak can provide wood with a slightly longer average length than other oaks. These characteristics make red oak the most ideal material for building joinery products. Red oak furniture is also a kind of solid wood furniture, and it also has common advantages, of course, it also has some of its own characteristics. There are many types of solid wood furniture materials, and each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here we will take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of red oak furniture, and understand whether red oak furniture is good or not through the advantages and disadvantages. Red oak furniture is one of the common furniture series in the furniture market. Red oak furniture has beautiful natural texture, coupled with the hard wood, so it has always been one of the more popular furniture series in the furniture market. The advantages of red oak furniture: red oak itself has a distinctive mountain-shaped wood grain, beautiful and generous texture, very good texture, and the furniture made is very high-grade. In addition, the red oak has a hard texture and good processing performance, so the furniture looks very delicate. Many of the red oak furniture are European-style furniture. Disadvantages of whether red oak furniture is good or not: Red oak is mainly produced in the United States, so a lot of it depends on imports, so the price of red oak furniture is more expensive; red oak furniture is heavier and denser, so it is difficult to deal with dehydration. If it is not handled properly, the furniture is easily deformed. The wood of red oak furniture is relatively thick, so red oak furniture needs to be painted dark when it is made into furniture; the clearer the grain of red oak furniture, the higher the value; the darker the red oak furniture, the better. These are the issues that we should pay attention to when recognizing red oak furniture. The declared high-end furniture on the market must be able to distinguish the material. Through the above understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of red oak furniture, have you found the answer to whether red oak furniture is good or not. Related reading: Put aside prejudices, what exactly are oak and rubber wood?
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