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Is Pinus sylvestris furniture good?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-21
Pinus sylvestris board is one of the main raw materials of modern furniture. Common pine furniture is mostly made of Pinus sylvestris board. However, many people do not understand this material. Let’s take a look at Pinus sylvestris furniture. Pinus sylvestris board Pinus sylvestris furniture Russia's Pinus sylvestris exudes a faint wood-specific fresh fragrance. This fragrance has the effect of preventing insects and inhibiting the growth of microorganisms, and also has a certain anti-mold effect. This kind of furniture made of Pinus sylvestris board is placed in the home, not only can smell a faint fragrance, it can also absorb toxic substances in the air, have the effect of purifying the air, and be beneficial to human health. Pinus sylvestris are cordially called tenacious warriors and can adapt to harsh environmental conditions. Pinus sylvestris lumber is also called a life-breathing wood. At present, in addition to being used to make furniture, Pinus sylvestris board is also suitable for manufacturing railroad sleepers, pit wood, wood products, bridges, anticorrosive wood, construction engineering and many other fields. Extended reading: What are the characteristics of solid wood furniture such as pine, camphor, cypress and other solid wood furniture. Characteristics of Pinus sylvestris. Russian Pinus sylvestris grows at temperatures between 0 and 6 degrees Celsius all year round. It is covered by snow and ice almost all year round. The average tree age is 45. Over the years, the average diameter reaches 70 cm and the material density reaches 550kg/m3. The imported Russian Scotch pine boards are made of this kind of Scotch pine. The annual rings of this kind of Scotch pine are fine and the wood grain is fine and straight. The physical properties are medium, and the hardness is moderate, so it is not easy to deform after being processed into a plate, and has excellent mechanical processing properties. Therefore, the Russian Pinus sylvestris plate is very suitable for the manufacture of mid-range solid wood furniture. There are many names for Pinus sylvestris, especially in different regions. The more widely used names are Siberian pine and Heihe red pine. The Japanese also call it Hailar pine or Mongolian red pine, which is a pinaceae plant. , Is a large tree. The trunks of Pinus sylvestris are mostly straight and grow rapidly. They like long-term sunlight and have strong adaptability. Therefore, they are artificially planted in the desert to prevent wind and fix sand, and have achieved quite gratifying results. Pinus sylvestris has great economic value while protecting the environment. The most common is the furniture made of Pinus sylvestris. At present, most of the common Pinus sylvestris in the market are made in China and imported from Russia. . The difference between Chinese and Russian Pinus sylvestris planks is the difference between Chinese and Russian Pinus sylvestris planks. The imported Russian Pinus sylvestris planks are almost all made of natural Pinus sylvestris, while my country’s domestic production Most of the Pinus sylvestris plates are made of artificially planted Pinus sylvestris. In terms of age, texture, density, toughness, etc., domestic Pinus sylvestris plates are not as good as those imported from Russia. The pine boards imported from Russia are older, with fine and straight cut surface textures and good toughness. This is the so-called small pattern; while the domestic pine boards are short in age, and the cut surface textures are sparse and grainy. Big is the so-called big pattern. The density of objects of the same volume directly determines the size of the weight. Because of the long age of the Russian pine board and the harsh production environment, its density is obviously larger than that of the domestically produced pine board, and the weight of the same volume (per cubic meter) It is more than 100 kilograms heavier than the domestic ones. Moreover, the oil content is less, which is more advantageous when used to make furniture. Extended reading: How to remove pine oil in pine furniture
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