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Is log furniture equal to solid wood furniture? The truth is here!

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-05
Many consumers often think that log furniture is solid wood furniture, but is this really the case? Today, we will tell you the truth. Before uncovering the truth, let us first understand these concepts: the original concept of logs and solid wood: solid wood is a large area: the board and solid wood frames on the market are fooled into solid wood; all solid wood, solid wood stickers, solid wood Veneer furniture and so on three categories. Natural wood that has not been processed is solid wood, not man-made wood. Generally, many furniture products are solid wood furniture 'logs' made of solid wood. Log furniture is also a kind of solid wood furniture, that is, a piece of furniture is all made of one kind of wood without splicing. A log is a piece of wood that is cut into a certain length according to the size, shape, and quality standards or special regulations. Logs play a great role in manufacturing furniture, construction, and papermaking. The concept of log furniture and solid wood furniture: the preciousness of log furniture is original and natural, so in order to minimize the traces of artificiality, the tenon-and-mortise structure is generally adopted. Good log furniture should not see a nail through the body. The tenon and tenon structure has a history of thousands of years in our country, and it is the essence of our country's architectural culture. The difficulty of making tenon and tenon furniture is not how to mortise, but how to estimate the expansion margin of the wood. If the margin is too small, the tenon will be cracked immediately; the margin is too large, leaving a large gap, which is not only unreliable, but also affects the appearance. Solid wood furniture is a relatively broad concept. Of course, solid wood furniture also includes log furniture, but in reality more refers to those furniture mixed with solid wood and wood-based panels, that is, the frame is made of solid wood, and the side panels, bottom, top, and shelves are decorated with wood-based panels on the surface. This kind of furniture is also called 'board-wood combined furniture'. At present, most of the solid wood furniture sold on the market is board-wood combined furniture. There is now an unwritten rule in the industry that solid wood content of more than 30% can be called solid wood furniture. The overall difference between logs and solid wood: performance: log wood generally does not exceed 12cm or 40 inches, the length of the cutting material is generally more than 260cm-320cm, and the diameter does not exceed 120cm. This is the standard specification of logs. For the standard specification of solid wood, there is no Certain format requirements, as long as it meets the basic elements of wood, it can be made into products. After the solid wood panel is painted, there is no glue joints and unevenness of the slats on the surface, and the physical properties are relatively stable during long-term use. This is the characteristic of solid wood. Finished products: There are many kinds of solid wood: mahogany, red pine, birch, white pine, elm, paulownia, basswood, ash, maple, camphor, willow, rosewood, red sandalwood, redwood, oak, red chrysanthemum These are all types of solid wood, which are made into furniture, pendants, evil spirits and other products. Products made from raw wood can be directly used: building materials, pit wood, electric poles, packing boxes, craft carvings, ships, sports equipment, cultural and educational supplies. Uses: Items made of logs can be used directly and specially processed as raw materials. Chemical processing or special processing as raw materials are used as raw materials: papermaking, rayon, regenerated cellulose, nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate, ethyl cellulose , Hydroxy cellulose, phenyl cellulose. For solid wood, it is more limited. Generally, furniture products are made of solid wood, followed by hand-carved solid wood. Utilization rate: The utilization rate of solid wood is relatively high, which conforms to the principle of ecological utilization of raw materials. Therefore, in terms of use, texture and color, solid wood jigsaw panels are more suitable for the use and decoration of furniture; log furniture is easy to deform and difficult to maintain. For example, you can't let the sun shine directly, can't be too cold or too hot, too dry and humid environment is not suitable for furniture. Extended reading: Inventory: What is the difference between solid wood, all solid wood, pure solid wood, and log furniture? The price comparison of log furniture and solid wood furniture: The difference between log furniture and solid wood furniture is also very large in price, because the wood furniture is made The process is relatively complicated and the cost is high, which makes it expensive. The process of making solid wood furniture is relatively simple, it also saves wood and reduces the cost. Generally, the price of solid wood furniture only costs a few thousand yuan, but the price of furniture made of logs is relatively much higher. General log furniture The price is at least more than ten thousand. However, depending on the price, it is impossible to distinguish between log furniture and solid wood furniture. The current production technology has been developed for the second time, and the solid wood furniture produced is enough to be mixed. The distinction between log furniture and solid wood furniture: solid wood furniture: because of the use of splicing and other technologies, the surface texture of the specific main materials of the home is inconsistent; knocking on the cabinet door and cabinet with your hands a few times, the sound is relatively low; smelling the furniture, fiberboard, density The board will have a strong pungent smell, especially in the cabinet or drawer, the two are easier to distinguish. Log furniture: Because it is natural wood, the surface texture of the main materials is generally the same; knocking on the cabinet door and cabinet panel with your hand will make a crisp sound; smell the furniture, the log furniture has the woody aroma of the tree species, such as pine. Pine gum smell, cypress wood has a light fragrance, camphor wood has a very obvious camphor wood smell and so on. For the difference between log furniture and solid wood furniture, we can distinguish it by the texture of the wood. Log furniture can generally see the original natural texture of the wood, and the characteristics shown are different from those of solid wood furniture. The log furniture is made of natural materials without any additives. The furniture made is not only fashionable but also very healthy. Relatively speaking, it is relatively easy to distinguish the real and natural texture from the texture after the workmanship has been processed. This is a method of distinguishing log furniture and solid wood furniture that we recommend.
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