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Is Hexiangboard's customized wardrobe environmentally friendly?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-09
When customizing a wardrobe, in addition to design and cost-effectiveness, environmental protection is also an important factor that people consider. Hexiang board is one of the commonly used boards in wardrobes. Most people only know that Hexiang board is more environmentally friendly, but in fact, many people are still relatively unfamiliar with Hexiang board. So, is the wardrobe customized with Hexiang board environmentally friendly? Today, we will take everyone into the customized wardrobe of Hexiang Board. What is Hexiang board: Hexiang board is made of natural crop straws such as rice and wheat as the main raw material, and is completely free of formaldehyde and an eco-adhesive with isocyanate resin (MDI) as the main raw material. It adopts national advanced patents. Technology developed. Hexiang board use: widely used in interior decoration, furniture manufacturing, flooring, kitchen cabinets, sound-absorbing boards, writing boards, drawing boards and packaging materials. It is an ideal substitute for wood-based artificial boards. The water swelling rate of Hexiang board is obviously lower than that of ordinary board, and it still maintains high strength and high moisture resistance coefficient after boiling, while ordinary board breaks and breaks and has a high expansion rate. After being boiled in water, the Hexiang board has basically no deformation and smells similar to the fragrance of barley tea; the ordinary board swells and deforms when it absorbs moisture, and the formaldehyde dissolves in water, giving off a pungent and unpleasant smell. Advantages of Hexiang Board Custom Wardrobe Robustness: The durability, load-bearing and anti-deformation ability of Hexiang Board Custom Wardrobe reaches the national particleboard standard, which is no less than wood-based artificial board. The European E0 standard is currently the most environmentally friendly man-made board. Its radiation is at the natural background level; it is tested by the dryer method and its formaldehyde emission is zero; it is better than the Japanese F★★★★ level standard and the European E0 level standard. Good moisture resistance: The straw fiber material used in the Hexiang board custom wardrobe has a large amount of natural wax layer on the surface, which has the moisture-proof and waterproof functions similar to the paraffin wax additives in the moisture-proof board. Flame retardant: The straw fiber is rich in silica, which is a natural fireproof substance. Its combustibility can meet the requirements of GB8624-B2. The use of fireproof board series products can be directly used in various public places without any fireproof treatment. Hexiang board customized wardrobe will only be carbonized in fire, and will not spread and burn. With sound insulation and sound absorption function: Hexiang board custom wardrobe is made of homogeneous porous material with good sound absorption performance. Environmental protection: The raw material of fiberboard and particleboard on the market is wood. The reason why there are E0 and E1 levels in it is mainly an adhesive. Compared with the traditional Hexiang board customized wardrobe, its adhesive does not contain any formaldehyde. Because Hexiang Board uses safe MDI ecological glue as the glue for the manufacture of boards, and has obtained the national patent of using MDI to manufacture straw boards. MDI glue is a widely used cutting-edge polymer synthetic material. It has excellent safety and stability. It can even be used in fields with high safety requirements such as artificial blood vessels, heart valves, refrigerator liners, and Lycra fiber. Formaldehyde is released. The source of formaldehyde for general boards is mainly the glue used in the production process. All ordinary glues are synthesized using formaldehyde as raw materials. For each standard board, about 4 kg of formaldehyde is needed. Further reading: The pollution index ranking of children's furniture panels turned out to be the most environmentally friendly. . . Hexiang board custom wardrobe identification method: Appearance recognition method: The cross section of Hexiang board has a dense flaky structure. You should observe it yourself when you buy it. If you don’t understand the shape, you can do your homework on the Internet. Smell identification method to identify Hexiang board: Hexiang board can smell the fragrance of plant straw directly by smell. After being installed as a cabinet, you can smell the fragrance of plants when you open the door of the cabinet. Boiled identification method: after boiled formaldehyde exceeds the standard, it will swell and deform after being boiled. The formaldehyde dissolves in water and emits a pungent and unpleasant smell. The Hexiang board has basically no deformation after being boiled, and it can even smell the fragrance similar to barley tea, because its raw material is straw from agricultural plants.
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