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Is African rosewood a mahogany? Is Gu Yi Su wood an African rosewood?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-03
As we all know, red sandalwood, huanghuali, and rosewood are high-grade mahogany. There are many woods with 'sandalwoodFor example, is African rosewood a rosewood? Answer for you. Is African rosewood a mahogany? Because mahogany furniture is elegant and beautiful in shape, it integrates practicality, art and collection, and is deeply loved by consumers. However, the high price discourages many people who like mahogany furniture. Rosewood is used to counterfeit mahogany furniture to satisfy consumers' desire to buy mahogany furniture at a very low price. Consumers who do not understand the truth often believe it and regard African rosewood as mahogany. In fact, African rosewood is just an ordinary African weedwood, which is not included in the five genera, eight categories and thirty-three tree species specified in the national standard for mahogany. African rosewood is not mahogany, and furniture made of African rosewood cannot be called mahogany. furniture. When consumers purchase African rosewood furniture, they must ask the manufacturer to issue a wood certification certificate, and ask clearly which tree species it is, and clearly indicate in the contract that the material used is the scientific name, not the common name. In the event of a dispute, consumption People can defend their rights accordingly. Further reading: How to sign a furniture sales contract What kind of wood is African rosewood? The scientific name of African rosewood is Guyi Sumu, also known as Burke Sumu. It is produced in Africa and belongs to the Hematoxylinaceae family. The heartwood is obvious, reddish-brown purple or reddish brown, with dark purple stripes; the sapwood is white or light yellow-brown. The pipe holes are visible, mainly alone, with short-diameter rows of multiple pipe holes; the pipe holes are scattered, localized near obliquely; there are purple or pinkish-brown sediments. Parenchyma can be seen near the tube type, but not in the chakra (obvious under the microscope); the side tube type is mainly wing-shaped (thickness, length, and wing ends are sharp or blunt, and unilateral or double). Different types such as side), less poly-wing shape. It can be seen from the ray, with large and varying distances, the larger one is slightly wider than the round-shaped parenchyma; it is spot-like in the section of the string. Further reading: The 3 types of rosewood The heartwood of African rosewood has beautiful surface, rot-resistant and moth-resistant (white worms are not decayed); although it is heavy and hard (air-dry weight 800-900kg/m3), it is not difficult to process; dry Slow, but stable after drying; good performance in creating light, sanding, paint and adhesive. Widely used in high-end furniture, wooden frames, walls, floors, pavilions, musical instruments, rotary cut products, knife handles, brush backs; now more cut into decorative veneer. In some aspects, it can be a substitute for acid branch.
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