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Inventory of several popular bathroom cabinet styles on the market, which one do you like?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-11
The bathroom cabinet can store some daily utensils and make the bathroom look neater. It is an indispensable furniture in the bathroom. There are many types of bathroom cabinets on the market, and different types of bathroom cabinets meet people's different needs. The free-standing bathroom cabinet is suitable for singles and rented apartments. It has a simple style, a small footprint, and is easy to take care of, but it has all the functions of storage, washing, and lighting. Double bathroom cabinet Double bathroom cabinet is the best choice for a two-person combination with a large bathroom. It can avoid the situation of two people waiting to use a basin in the morning. It is not only very hygienic, but also users can arrange them according to their own living habits. Put items. Double bathroom cabinets are usually equipped with double basins, which are usually symmetrical. Because they are double, they occupy a relatively large area and are suitable for units with a larger bathroom area. The hanging type of the hanging bathroom cabinet requires the wall to be a load-bearing wall or a solid brick wall. Because the bottom of this bathroom cabinet is suspended, it is easy to take care of the bathroom hygiene, there are basically no sanitary corners, and it can effectively prevent moisture from extending into the cabinet. Generally, wall-mounted bathroom cabinets can be selected for small and medium-sized bathrooms, so that the space below can be effectively used to arrange other facilities. However, insulation walls and lightweight partition walls cannot be installed with such products, which will easily cause the wall to fall off, which will affect the service life of the bathroom cabinet. Floor-standing bathroom cabinets Large bathroom cabinets can choose floor-standing bathroom cabinets, but it is recommended to choose tall cabinet legs or wheels, which can effectively isolate the moisture on the ground, and can be moved at will, and the toilet can be arranged more rationally. Combined bathroom cabinets Combined bathroom cabinets have strong functionality and clear classification. It has open shelves, drawers and flat doors. The shapes and specifications are also different. The owner can use the items according to the frequency of use. And quantity to choose different combinations and placement. Common items such as towels and bath soap can be placed in an open shelf for easy access; various infrequent cleaning supplies can be placed in the lower cabinet; more commonly used fragile items should be placed in the cabinet door. It is safe and easy to find. Extended reading: What material is good for bathroom cabinets? The material of bathroom cabinet 5 is large. Symmetrical bathroom cabinets. Symmetrical bathroom cabinets give people a sense of visual and functional balance. Whether you are accustomed to using your right or left hand, you will find it easy Place items and towels on one side. Open bathroom cabinets Open bathroom cabinets are suitable for toilets with good airtightness and dryness. Because all the supplies are exposed to the outside, the cleanliness of the bathroom is relatively high. This form of bathroom cabinet is very convenient in use, and everything is clear at a glance, saving you the trouble of searching around.
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