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Introduction to Panel Furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-29
Panel furniture refers to furniture made of medium-density fiberboard or particleboard for surface veneer and other processes. It is made of man-made board as the main base material and board as the basic structure of disassembly and assembly furniture, all processed by surface-decorated man-made boards. Basic features A large part of panel furniture is wood-grain simulation furniture. At present, the veneers of some panel furniture sold on the market are becoming more and more realistic, with good gloss and hand feeling, and products with fine craftsmanship and better plates and hardware accessories are also very expensive. The combination of panel furniture is usually connected by various metal hardware, which is very convenient for assembly and disassembly. Furniture with high processing precision can be disassembled and installed many times, which is convenient for transportation. Because the base material breaks the original physical structure of the wood, it is When the humidity changes greatly, the deformation of wood-based panels is much better than that of solid wood, and the quality is more stable than that of solid wood furniture. Main advantages: Effective use of trees, compared with mahogany furniture, the growth cycle of trees is faster. Environmentally friendly and detachable, the shape is full of changes. Not easy to deform, stable quality, and affordable. Composition materials Commonly used facing materials for panel furniture: 1. Melamine facing: After printing the pattern on the surface of the decorative paper, it is impregnated with melamine glue to make the melamine facing paper, which is then pressed on the plate base by high temperature. Material. Because of its high requirements for the flatness of the substrate surface of the board, it is usually used for the surface finish of particleboard and medium density fiberboard. This kind of board with melamine pressure-laminated surface is usually called melamine board. The surface texture is realistic, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and waterproof. It is suitable for production and is mainly used for panel furniture. manufacture. According to the different dipping process, it is divided into full triamine glue and half triamine glue. The wear resistance coefficient of half triamine is not as good as that of full triamine. According to the different steel plates when the decorative paper is hot pressed, it is divided into different effects such as smooth surface, hemp surface, embossed surface, cloth pattern, corrugated surface, rain silk surface and so on. 2. Solid wood veneer veneer veneer: The veneer is pasted on the MDF/particle board/multilayer solid wood board by a high-temperature hot press to become a solid wood veneer veneer. Because the veneer is imported and domestic It is divided into precious woods and ordinary woods. There is a large range of choices. Therefore, the quality and thickness of the solid wood veneer determines the level of the solid wood veneer panel. The solid wood veneer board is the main veneer method used in high-end furniture at home and abroad because of its real feel, natural feel, and high grade. However, the relative material and manufacturing cost are relatively high. At present, a kind of technology veneer is still popular in China. It is favored by consumers for its real and natural texture, various patterns, no color difference, and large format size. 3. Cat's eye paper facing Cat's eye paper is a relatively thin decorative paper (also known as Boeing film), the material is mostly PVC, it is pasted on the surface of the furniture with white latex and then sealed with paint. Because it is easy to mill and shape, it is mainly used for the surface finishing of medium density fiberboard. At the same time, cat's eye paper veneer has poor abrasion resistance, is easy to leave scratches, and is prone to bubble discoloration, but its relatively low cost. It is currently the preferred veneer method for many finished furniture in my country. 4. Solid wood veneer and fireproof board veneer Paste the solid wood veneer (the surface needs to be painted on site) and the fireproof board with glue on the above types of substrates, which are mainly used for the surface veneer of the on-site wooden hand-made wood. . Because the amount of universal glue used in bonding is very large, the smell is very pungent and it is extremely environmentally friendly. At the same time, due to the quality of the effect, the sizing and sticking process is different, it is easy to blisters and fall off. Commonly used boards for panel furniture are as follows: Plywood (plywood): It is often used to make furniture that needs to be bent and deformed. Blockboard: Performance is sometimes affected by the material of the board core. Particleboard: (MFC, also known as particle board, bagasse board) has a loose material and is only used for low-end furniture. Medium Density Fiberboard: (MDF) is the most cost-effective and most commonly used.
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