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Introduce the advantages of mahogany furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-11-27
'Zuanbian' is a term used in furniture craftsmanship in Ming and Qing Dynasties, and it is a major invention of traditional woodworking craftsmanship in the evolution of furniture shape and structure in my country. The method is to put the 'core board' into a frame with a through groove constructed with a 45°C lattice corner tenon. The superior function of this approach has five aspects: 1. The furniture's physical structure can always be maintained with the frame as the main body, which promotes the independent function of the frame form, and the overall style and structure are completely unified. 2. The 'core board' is installed in the frame, so that the thin board can be used as a thick board, which not only saves materials, but also enhances physical fitness. 3. When the 'core board' expands or contracts due to dryness and wetness, there is sufficient room for the trough, which will not cause the overall structure to loosen and the shape of the house to be distorted. 4. 'Heart Board' can also choose different materials and apply various techniques to show different effects and produce different functions. 5. After inserting the 'core board' into the trough, the rough section of the wood can be hidden, so that all parts of the furniture show a smooth vertical section, using the natural texture and color of the wood to give play to the natural beauty of the material. The practice of 'cumping the edge' fully reflects the great achievements of our country's furniture structure and structure.
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