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India's classification and origin price of red sandalwood

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-06
Red sandalwood is a kind of multi-purpose wood. Its quality is particularly excellent. It can remain stable even when the external environment changes greatly in dry and humidity. Therefore, it is an ideal material for handicraft carving. However, red sandalwood trees grow slowly, and it takes a long time to form and widen their heartwood. Natural red sandalwood only grows in a small area in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh in India and the northern state of Tamil Nadu that borders it. According to an official of the Indian government, the annual demand for red sandalwood in the world is 2500~3000 metric tons. The price of red sandalwood auctioned by the Indian government is also different in grades, so you should first understand the local regulations on the grades of red sandalwood. Indian small leaf red sandalwood logs India’s classification of red sandalwood wood grades: Grade A: excellent water wave texture 1, noticeable short and deep water wave texture 2, usually, the rippling effect can be seen on the surface of the log 3, the log has no flaws in percussion Grade B: Good water wave texture 1. Medium long and medium deep water wave texture is clearly visible 2. Grade A logs have partial flaws in half percussion 3. Log percussion or half percussion is defective or not 4. Grade A logs are bent Degree more than 10%. Related reading: Sixth-class classification of mahogany C: few and shallow water wave textures and straight textures 1, long and shallow water wave textures and straight textures 2, log percussion or half percussion defects or no 3, Class A logs with many defects can be used without sound percussion 4, Class B logs with partial defects can be used without sound percussion 5, Class B logs with a curvature of more than 10% and other external classes: Not available in all classes It is said that only the red sandalwood wood distributed in a small area of u200bu200babout 5,000 square kilometers in Chittoor, Kadapa and other places of Andhra Pradesh can reach A grade, which only accounts for all red sandalwood. 3%~5% of it is used in musical instruments, furniture and pharmaceutical industries. The price of local red sandalwood in India is: Rs.7 lakh (approximately RMB 71,050) per metric ton for foreign grade; Rs.8 lakh (approximately RMB 81,200) per metric ton for grade C; Rs.10 lakh for grade B (approximately RMB 81,200) per metric ton. RMB 101,500) per metric ton; Class A Rs.12 lakh (approximately RMB 121,800) per metric ton. The international market price can generally reach Rs.25 lakh per metric ton. Although red sandalwood has been used in China for a long time, there are still many misunderstandings about the understanding of red sandalwood. First of all, during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, the red sandalwood was actually imported by the British East India Company through the Guangzhou Guangdong Customs. Even the palace furniture is still from Guangzhou. For example, it is clearly recorded that the tribute offered by General Li Shiyao in Guangzhou is mainly red sandalwood inlaid with nanmu throne. , Red sandalwood inlaid handle wood imperial case, etc. several kinds. The second is the incorrect determination of the Chinese name of red sandalwood. Forestists in my country generally refer to the Chinese name of Pterocarpus santalinus as '沙香紫檀This further confirms that red sandalwood has belonged to the category of redwood since ancient times. It may be a mistake to think that the earliest name of 'redwood' in China comes from Dalbergia cochinchinensis.
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