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In addition to solid wood furniture, we can also choose board wood furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-04
Board wood furniture refers to a kind of furniture that uses solid wood frames for the structure of the furniture, various density boards on the surface, and various exquisite solid wood veneers on the contact surface. Board wood furniture can ensure the overall structure, stability and aesthetics of the furniture while saving costs. Commonly used solid wood in board wood furniture are: Southwest birch, oak, ash, catalpa, teak, maple, walnut, cherry and so on. Features and advantages of plank furniture: First, plank furniture is beautiful. In the past, due to process and technical problems, veneers could not be processed, and only solid wood could be used for furniture manufacturing. Both technology and craftsmanship can solve the problem of veneer veneer. You can use veneers of different materials to assemble the picture at will. Make furniture countertops have more craftsmanship, look more beautiful and more distinctive. In addition, it is also very difficult to obtain the bark of the tree, because the appearance of the tree is at the root of the tree or the texture of the tree caused by external reasons. A special, but very beautiful veneer formed by bending. This material can only be used for partial decoration, but cannot be used for large-area veneers. Therefore, relatively speaking, the combination of board and wood is more beautiful. Sex, appreciation and sense of value. 2. Board wood furniture is more practical and firm. Previously pure solid wood products, due to the characteristics of solid wood, encounter situations such as excessive temperature difference. Over time, such as the north, there will be heating or floor heating for up to 6.7 months, large format The panel parts are prone to cracking, warping, deformation and other quality problems. If a board-wood combination product is used, this situation will be avoided. Related reading: Points to note when purchasing plank furniture. 3. Plank furniture. The unified environmental protection of large and small environmental protection has two meanings. One is the 'small environmental protection' of consumers and the other is the 'big environmental protection' of the earth's ecology. . In many cases, 'small environmental protection' and 'large environmental protection' are contradictory. If every consumption requires 100% solid wood to make furniture, it will be a disaster for the forest resources on the earth. And if you can use wood as little as possible to produce furniture under the premise of ensuring that consumers are 'small and environmentally friendly,' it will be great. The board wood furniture takes care of both, which is amazing! Now, the earth environment we depend on is getting worse and worse, especially the vegetation of the earth-forests are getting less and less. According to statistics, a single piece of pure solid wood four-door wardrobe can consume nearly a 30-year-old tree trunk. Board wood furniture solves such a contradiction, using natural precious wood for the blade, using solid wood in the frame structure of the furniture and the load-bearing parts of the furniture, increasing the service life of the furniture, and effectively avoiding the use of solid wood in a large area. Furniture causes cracking and deformation problems. Inside the solid wood frame, environmentally friendly wood-based panels are used. Through the reasonable combination of panels and wood, it can not only give play to the advantages of solid wood's roundness, texture, and texture, but also perfectly show the rich colors, novel styles and variety of panel furniture. The shape, most importantly, protects the environment in which we live. Fourth, the board-wood furniture is cost-effective. The board-wood combination just takes into account the gravity that solid wood can withstand and the non-deformation characteristics of the MDF, and the cost is relatively cheap. All solid wood furniture is generally common in Chinese classical furniture, and Aijia wood furniture can adapt to different climates such as dry or humid because of the combination of wood and wood. It is more practical than solid wood furniture.
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