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Important material of software furniture: sponge

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-09
A very important material-sponge is used in most software furniture such as mattresses and sofas. There are many types of sponges. The original color of the sponge is off-white, but it often turns yellow due to oxidation reaction with oxygen. Some of them are bleached into white or dyed as needed. The sponge is soft in texture and has heat preservation, heat insulation, sound absorption, shock absorption, and flame retardancy. , Anti-static, good air permeability and other characteristics, according to the size of the inner bubble, it can reflect a variety of dens It is used for shockproof, heat preservation, filling of materials, etc. The types of sponges are divided into polyester sponges and polyether sponges. Polyester sponges are high-pressure sealing foams, and polyether sponges are box-type foams. Most of the sponge components are polyurethane. Polyurethane is the most common polymer material in life and is widely used to make various 'sponge' products. And elastic materials for shock absorption and anti-friction purposes, such as shoe soles, tractor tank track substrates. There are many types of sponges used in industrial production, such as foamed sponges, shaped sponges, rubber sponges, memory sponges, etc. Foamed cotton is foamed and molded with polyether, just like foamed bread. It can be foamed by mechanical equipment or manually surrounded by wooden boards. The foamed cotton is like a square loaf. Use a slicer to go through the slicing process and cut the thickness according to different requirements. The foamed cotton can also be adjusted in softness and hardness. . Seat cotton generally uses 25~28kg/m3, and other uses 20~22kg/m3 density. Although the hardness of sponge is directly related to density, it is also related to different additive formulations. Therefore, the industry is divided into high elasticity, gray super, black gray super, and soft. When designing and using the product, it should be reasonably and scientifically matched according to different shapes and structures. Generally, the upper, middle and lower parts are matched with sponges of different elasticity and density. One of the sponges is called fire-retardant sponge material (flame-retardant sponge). In fact, before the sponge is foamed, fireproofing agents are added to the material formula, such as chlorine and bromine, when the sponge is on fire, it can produce fire-extinguishing smoke and play a flame-retardant effect. The styling sponge is made of polyamic acid material, mixed with various additives such as foaming agent, and the pressure agent is put into a simple mold and heated to extrude sponges of different shapes. It is suitable for swivel chair sofa cushions and back sponges, and a small amount of armrests can also be used for styling Cotton do. At present, 55#~60# material density is adopted, and its elasticity is more in line with relevant national standards. The elasticity and hardness of the sponge can be adjusted according to different parts of the product. Generally, the seat cushion is harder and denser, the back cushion is second, and the pillow cushion is softer. Rubber sponge is also a kind of sponge. It is made of natural latex foam as the main material. It has rubber characteristics, excellent elasticity, good resilience, and will not deform, but it is expensive, 3 higher than foamed sponge. ~4 times.
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