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IKEA is also secretly learning the mortise and tenon process, the art of brain-burning

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-26
This is a technology that condenses the essence of Chinese traditional furniture culture for thousands of years, and it is also the most brain-burning art. The buildings made with this kind of craft are still strong after the wind and rain, and still show its magic to the world after a thousand years. And this kind of craft can be as small as making a small ornament or as large as building a tall building. This is the 'mortise and tenon joint'. Tenon-and-mortise craft is the soul of traditional furniture craftsmanship in our country. The convex is a tenon and the concave is a mortise. The tenon and mortise fit perfectly, and the different combinations of tenon and mortise produce different effects, which can be called ingenious workmanship. In ancient times, the mortise and tenon process was a necessary skill for traditional craftsmen, and the mortise and tenon structure made can directly reflect the skill level of the craftsman. Part of the tenon and tenon structure dovetail digging pipe pot and tenon chuck tenon and cloud-shaped raglan shoulder and tenon fan-shaped plug-in tenon Round incense, cut out, grooved, hand tenon, three straight materials, crossed, plus Yunzi, waistless leg-wraps, stool legs, feet and stool surface combined with flat tenon corners combined with flat tenon corners combined with chair pan side wipes and chair legs and feet structure tenon and tenon Properly used, two or more wooden structures can be tightly connected together to form a complete whole, furniture can be made without using any nails, and even a tall building can be built (in principle in Chinese architecture) The tenon and tenon structure is adopted, and iron nails are also used when necessary). Part of the mortise and tenon structure animation part of the mortise and tenon structure furniture and tenon and tenon structure alone are not strong enough, but combined into a whole can withstand huge pressure. Compared with other decorations, it only has the function of decoration. In addition to satisfying visual enjoyment, furniture must be durable and stable. This has very high requirements for craftsmen’s skills, which is why Ming Dynasty furniture has a very high value. reason. An extended reading of some ancient buildings with tenon and tenon structure: The soul of traditional Chinese mahogany furniture-tenon and tenon structure. The tenon and tenon structure of the building adopts the tenon and tenon structure. It only needs to combine the various parts made in advance during the assembly, which saves time and reduces environmental pollution. Adding the mortise and tenon structure technique to the design can bring a different sense of design. Compared with IKEA's assembled furniture, furniture designed with a tenon-and-mortise structure is more interesting to assemble. (Original title: Use this technology to open a furniture company and super IKEA in minutes!)
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