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IKEA crisis! 3D printed modular furniture is here

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-26
IKEA is popular with customers for its 'low price' and 'easy disassembly'. With the popularization of 3D printing technology, the Hungarian designer 'ollas gellert' hopes to change people's blind pursuit of IKEA. In the past, the focus of 3D printing was rapid prototyping. As the manufacturing cost of FDM 3D printers decreases, the focus of future 3D printing will become rapid manufacturing. This provides a foundation for 3D printing applications in the furniture industry. The product 'print to build' breaks the traditional definition of furniture. It is not limited to a table or a cabinet. It is just a component of modular furniture. The design is inspired by a plug-in toy called 'Universal Craftsman'. The 8 mm thick plywood can be formed into different angles through this connector, and there are three degrees of 90, 45, and 120. Customers can use their imagination to splice into a variety of furniture. Sample bookcases using 3D connectors do not use screws and glue during the splicing process. Various shapes of components use durable plastic materials. 90-degree structural parts 45-degree structural parts 120-degree structural parts. I feel that this is how the design should be done, while ensuring the stability of the structure while taking into account the cost. Related reading: After buying IKEA furniture, the whole person is not good! 3D use renderings Product name: print to build Designer: ollas gellert Product status: Prototype (Original title: 3D printing opens up new ideas for modular furniture Author LAW)
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